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Friday, September 18th, 2020

$14 Dinosaur purse carried by Signapore’s PM’s wife steals the spotlight at U.S. state visit

by August 5, 2016 General

Usually, prominent politicians and their spouses are seen sporting the latest in high fashion, but the wife of Singapore’s prime minister is making waves with her $14 purse.During a state visit to the United States, Ho Ching, wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, carried around a denim purse covered in dinosaurs.The pouch is made by Sheng Jie, an autistic student at Pathlight School in Ang Mo Kio, Signapore. It is usually sold on the school’s website, but is currently sold out.755-Demin_Pouch-Dino_Blue_Black_by_Sheng_JieStory continues belowGlobal NewsSheng’s father, Jason See Toh, told TODAY online that when he first heard the news, he thought it was a joke. He’s now hoping the attention will bring more awareness to autistic people and will help people start to understand their abilities.He says Sheng’s fascination with dinosaurs started when he was three, when he watched a Disney movie about them. [which one specifically?]READ MORE: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau comes under fire for accepting free clothing“Every day, he spends about three to five hours on either drawing or moulding of dinosaurs,” he said.Sheng himself is pleased with the worldwide attention: when shown a picture of Ho Ching holding his design in Washington, he simply replies “Happy.”