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16th Nusantara Teachers' Meet Concluded with 3 Resolutions (BruDirect (Brunei))

by September 8, 2015 General

Among the resolutions tabled at the recently concluded two-day 16th Nusantara Teachers’ Meet, which was titled ‘Information Technology, Communication (ICT) and 21st Century Education System’ and held in Singapore, was a call for government agencies to uphold the Malay language as a global language.

The Nusantara Teachers Meet portal – administered by the Singapore Malay Teachers’ Association and launched during the gathering – will be used as a -platform for educational development of its member countries.

Member countries can use the portal as a platform for sharing information in an effort to improve the process of learning the Malay and Indonesian languages. Materials that will be uploaded to the portal will be sent to the Singapore Malay Teachers’ Association.

Every resolution agreed on at previous meets will be reviewed to see what their status is with regards to implementation. Government authorities should give their full support towards efforts carried out during the gathering by sighing Memorandums of Understanding in order to facilitate exchange programmes among member countries.

Teachers involved could gain valuable knowledge and experiences that can help them become agents of change in Malay language education in their respective countries.

The gathering was organised by Singapore Malay Teachers’ Association and saw the resolution being agreed and signed by the heads of delegation in attendance: Salim from Singapore Malay Teachers’ Association, Haji Antin bin Ahad from the Brunei Malay Teachers’ Association, Dr. H Sugito M Si, the Head of the Teachers’ Association of Indonesia and Haji Mohamed Sabri bin Haji Mohd Arsad, the President of National Union of Teaching Professions of West Malaysia. Indonesia will host the meeting next year.