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18 alleged Indonesian IS supporters repatriated (corrected)

by August 20, 2017 General

Dwi Djoko Wiwoho, a former high-ranking official in Batam, Riau Islands, who reportedly joined the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Syria, has been enrolled in a compulsory deradicalization program in Jakarta.

Along with 17 other Indonesians who also had allegedly joined the IS, Dwi, as well as his wife and three daughters, arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport last Saturday.

The case of Dwi, a former director of the one-stop integrated service (PTSP) at the Batam Free Trade Zone Body (BP-FTZ), was handled by the National Police’s Detachment 88 counterterrorism squad and the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), Riau Islands Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Saptono Erlangga said Monday.

“We have prepared a deradicalization task force to monitor [Dwi and his family] once they are returned to Batam,” he said.

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BP-FTZ spokesman Purnomo Andiantono said Dwi had been returned to the Transportation Ministry, his former employer, after he had gone missing in 2015. “It was a disciplinary measure. He was considered to have committed a violation. His civil servant status has since been in the hands of the ministry.”

Apparently falling for IS propaganda, Dwi and his family sold all of their assets to go to Syria.

According to the police, their departure was facilitated by radical group Kitabah Gonggong Rebus, which once allegedly plotted to strike Singapore with a rocket from Batam.

Dwi’s daughter, Nurshadrina Khairadhania, 19, appeared on international media saying her family had been tricked and regretted their decision to go to Syria. She said IS’ promises on the internet had not been met. (bbs)