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Friday, November 27th, 2020

23% of Android Smartphone Users are Power Users, says Strategy Analytics

by August 5, 2014 Industry

BOSTON, Aug. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — According to Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix platform there are three distinct profiles of Android smartphone users in the US the Light User segment consumes less than 50 MB per day, Moderate Users between 50-300 MB per day, and Power Users with daily use over 300 MB. Data estimates include combined activity on Wi-Fi and Cellular networks.

AppOptix Consumer Telemetry Platform by Strategy Analytics, Inc.

AppOptix Consumer Telemetry Platform by Strategy Analytics, Inc.

The analysis is based on over one million individual application sessions on more than 1500 Android smartphone users in the US during the first half of the year. The results are powered by Strategy Analytics’ state-of-the-art Consumer Telemetry Platform  by leveraging three core components – a best-in-class telemetry application, an opt-in panel, and big data analytics framework to support rich analysis.

Mapping the data consumption profiles across the subscriber base shows nearly two-thirds of the subscribers are Moderate Users, 23% belong to the Power User category, and just 15% as Light Users. However, in terms of data traffic share, the Power Users account for 57% share of the traffic, followed by Moderate users with 41% share, and Light Users with a nominal 2% share.

Across all three profiles, Wi-Fi accounts for a significant portion of the data use. While the proportion of Wi-Fi in data traffic for the Light and Moderate segments are 69% and 76% respectively, for Power Users the Wi-Fi proportion reaches 82%.

Bonny Joy, Chief, Consumer Telemetry Platforms, said: "Although the Moderate User profile represents the single largest segment across all wireless operators accounting for more than half of the total subscribers, the AppOptix platform data suggests there are significant variations in data usage across operators, which in turn brings new opportunities in usage based pricing plans."

Barry Gilbert, Vice President, said: "Wireless providers have to consider data consumption patterns across the identified customer segments in retooling their service plans, handset portfolio and content selection in reducing churn and attracting new subscribers."

AppOptix addresses the contextual nuances of the consumer behavior through a full-suite of tools, including dashboards, reports, and leading analyst insights on device brands, operators, models, and apps.

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