550 Pre-University and Polytechnic Students To Share Singapore Stories


Some 550 students from 30 pre-university institutions, including Junior Colleges, the Centralised Institute, and Polytechnics will come together at the Pre-University Seminar 2014.

The theme for the Pre-University Seminar is “Many Stories, One Future”. The seminar will be held from 2 to 5 June 2014 at the National University of Singapore. The theme invites participants to focus on the authentic stories of Singaporeans from different sectors and walks of life. Students will interact and connect with Singaporeans from diverse backgrounds by visiting people, organisations and places of interest. This focus on stories will encourage young people to connect with others and become more aware of the diversity of needs and aspirations of fellow Singaporeans. Students will present their insights to fellow participants and guests on the experiences, needs and aspirations, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing Singapore. They will also contribute ideas on building the Singapore they would like to see.

Pre-University Seminar Highlights

Project: The Story

This year’s Seminar will encourage student collaboration, imagination and involvement. Students are grouped by sub-themes and each group must discover and explore a part of the “Singapore Story” by doing the following four components:

Field Work

Each group of participants will visit people, organizations or places of interest related to their sub-theme. During the field work, participants will have the opportunity to interact and connect with Singaporeans from different backgrounds and learn about their experiences. These glimpses into the lives of Singaporeans, whom the participants may otherwise have not encountered, will deepen their understanding of what it is to be a Singaporean. It will also help them to better appreciate the challenges of building an inclusive society, which provides for a diversity of needs and aspirations.

Forum Discussion

Each discussion will:

  • focus participants’ findings from their Field Work;

  • involve three panelists, selected for their specific area of expertise;

  • be moderated by Teacher-Facilitators, with the assistance of the Student Liaison Officers. This will ensure that all participants and panelists are given the opportunity to take part in the discussion meaningfully.

The Story

Participants will share the experiences of the people they meet in an informative and engaging manner through a creative medium. This can take the form of a photo-journal display, an interview, a performance piece or any medium that the groups think is feasible and effective.


The members of each team will write their reflections on the implications of the Story they are sharing. The process will be facilitated by guiding questions to allow teams to share:

  • an analysis of the issues revealed by the Story;

  • an examination of participants’ personal response to these issues; and

  • a team pledge committing each member of the team to make a positive change in the way they live as citizens.

Please refer to the Annex for the sub-themes and guiding questions.


This year’s closing ceremony will be a carnival celebrating both the participants’ creative expressions and the lives of Singaporeans. In keeping with the carnival spirit, participants and guests will freely mingle and interact at the various booths.