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A little truth would go a long way, Malcolm

by December 24, 2016 General
DEAR MALCOLM: Columnist Fred Goldsworthy is hoping Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked Santa for a new or improved spine-brace.

DEAR MALCOLM: Columnist Fred Goldsworthy is hoping Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked Santa for a new or improved spine-brace.

Dear Mr Turnbull,

As we roll into Christmas I extend my hand in goodwill and since you’ve been looking a little flakey this last year, give you some pointers to a prosperous future.

First up mate, I hope you’ve asked Santa for a new or improved spine-brace. Somehow or other you’ve got to get back to standing up for what you believe; stand up for the truth.

The spectacle of your laying on the grass being trampled by the right wing troglodytes is pathetic.

While you might keep the salary and fringies there’s not much dignity in it.

And all that huffing and puffing and talking loudly and saying the same thing over and over in ever more erudite words does nothing for your image, either.

Stand up, mate.

If you’re going to go on about other people’s use of the truth you’re going have to learn to tell a bit yourself.

That brings me to this Bill Shorten business.

He did say you might privatise Medicare and that that is something we should be afraid of, but it wasn’t a lie; that is exactly what you’re doing.

You’re restricting the services doctors can perform under Medicare and forcing them to charge more for the services they do deliver.

In other words, patients get less help and pay more for the help they do get – I reckon that’s back door privatisation and most people I know agree.

You know there are more ways of skinning a cat than setting it on fire and copping a bashing but your hysterical, jumping up and down and denying that’s what your doing just makes you a liar.

And you’ve got to get Motormouth Morrison to start telling the truth, too.

Every time he wants to cut something he tries to soften us up by telling us “it’s unsustainable”.

Now we know he doesn’t mean that; we know that virtually everything is sustainable if you want it to be.

We know that what he means is that he doesn’t want to sustain it; that he prefers not to.

We can see all the things he wants to sustain: a dozen submarines; a heap of expensive fighter jets; per capita the most expensive democracy on Earth; the highest paid politicians of all the democracies, $50b tax cuts for corporations, the list goes on.

So a bit of truth in this area would help with respect.

His program to help the rich get richer and make the poor more miserable is an act of choice and not an inevitability forced on him.

And now my direct Christmas appeal: if you and Mr Morrison et al are going to let this Indian multi-national corporation destroy our landscape, ruin our natural resources, ravage the Barrier Reef, poison our atmosphere and wreak havoc through climate change, the least you can do is make sure that they are properly registered in Australia and liable for royalties, tax, and any reparations in this country.

If, as is reported, you allow Adani to create a complex business model that allows it to restrict its liabilities, responsibilities and main offices to tax havens located in Singapore and the Bahamas, then you completely betray Australia.

On this whole business, Australians deserve total honesty, transparency, no buck passing and a decent return for our forced “hospitality” – we want the TRUTH.

 – Blind Freddy