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A Smart Nation must be built on a secure foundation

by October 16, 2016 Business

A Smart Nation must be built on a secure foundation. That was the key takeaway from the Singapore International Cyber Week held earlier this week.

“Singapore aspires to be a Smart Nation. But to be a Smart Nation, we must also be a safe, cyber nation. We must get cybersecurity right, to capture the benefits of a more connected world,” said PM Lee Hsien Loong as he unveiled Singapore’s first holistic national cybersecurity strategy.

He outlined four key pillars:

strengthening critical infrastructure,

working with businesses and individuals to create a safer cyberspace,

growing cybersecurity capabilities by creating jobs and developing talent, and

forging stronger ties with international counterparts.

To level up our existing infrastructure and protect essential services, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) will expand the National Cyber Incident Response Team and National Cyber Security Centre.

The CSA will also address gaps in standards and incident reporting protocols for service providers by strengthening Singapore’s cybersecurity governance and legislative frameworks.

On creating a safer cyberspace, the CSA will implement the National Cybercrime Action Plan to combat cybercrime more effectively. It will also promote a culture of collective responsibility by involving Government, businesses, and the wider community in cybersecurity.

A professional cybersecurity workforce will also be nurtured in order to develop a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem. This involves making it easier for existing IT professionals to switch to the cybersecurity sector, and creating clear career pathways for existing cybersecurity professionals. The CSA will also work with Institutes of Higher Learning to co-develop suitable curriculum.

Cyber threats don’t recognise national borders. The CSA will also forge stronger ties with international counterparts to enhance cyber incident response and look at prosecuting cybercrime that crosses international borders.

So far, the CSA has made arrangements with their counterparts in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, India and the United States. It will now focus on strengthening regional ties within ASEAN.

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Source: Government of Singapore