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About those self-driving cars

by September 1, 2016 General

Re: Startup debuts self-driving taxis in Singapore, Aug. 26

Startup debuts self-driving taxis in Singapore, Aug. 26

Autonomous Singapore taxis, we learned recently, will soon be driving Singaporeans around Singapore. If that conjures visions of passengers happily reading or falling asleep in the back seat while their robot driver safely takes them wherever they want to go, it shouldn’t.

These taxis will still have a human driver whose hands, while not exactly on the wheel, will be nervously poised to take the wheel should anything untoward happen.

I don’t know about you but that sounds a lot more unsafe than what we have right now: a real-life driver, whose real hands are firmly gripping the wheel and whose eyes are firmly on the road.

An allegedly safe, autonomous vehicle and a human driver: what’s the point? Just stick with the latter.

Geoff Rytell, Toronto

Won’t self-driving cars be a hazard? Presumably they’ll be programmed to drive at the speed limit, come to a full stop at stop signs, turn into the appropriate lane. What a change it will be from the usual Toronto traffic!

Hugh Jones, Toronto