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Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Air NZ puts total ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

by October 15, 2016 General

Air New Zealand is putting a total ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The devices won’t be allowed on any of its planes as of 5am this morning.

There’s already been a directive from America’s Federal Aviation Authority and the US Department of Transportation.

Air New Zealand said people can’t take a Note 7 into the cabin, or have one in their checked luggage.

The company has joined the swathe of airlines banning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone from flights over fears they can catch fire.

Previously airlines allowed the phone on board if it was switched off.

Air NZ warned people should not bring them to the airport as there was nowhere to store them at check in.

“Air New Zealand apologises to customers for any inconvenience, however, this is an Federal Aviation Authority and United States Department of Transportation safety requirement,” the airline said in a statement.

Qantas and Virgin Australia are also banning the phone on all flights. Ailitalia and Singapore Airlines have also issued a ban.

The battery of the Galaxy Note 7 has been known to catch fire, with its South Korean maker issuing a recall for 2.5 million devices.

Faulty rechargeable lithium batteries from one of its suppliers have been blamed.

In the US, one phone caught fire on a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this month and a Florida family reported a Galaxy Note 7 phone left charging in their Jeep caught fire, destroying the vehicle.

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