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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Alonso says F1 racing at Sepang circuit to be more difficult

by September 26, 2017 General

Honda’s Spanish driver has said that the upcoming Formula One World Championship race at the Grand Prix would be more difficult.

The two-time world champion on Monday explained that the straights in the Sepang circuit, where this weekend’s race is to take place, required speed and power, reports Efe.

“Sepang will be more difficult for us in terms of set-up since the straights require good speed and power, but this track is a mixture of a lot of different characteristics, so we’ll see how much we can make up on the lower-speed corners,” Alonso said in a statement.

He pointed out that the 2018 cars will definitely be faster, so the experience would be fun and he hoped his team could avoid drama.

The Spaniard stressed that he was already eager to get back into the car after the Singapore Grand Prix, where he had to leave the race in the ninth lap due to loss of power in his car’s engine.

“Of course, what happened was disappointing and it’s difficult to hide your frustration when you’re the victim of someone else’s incident,” he recalled.

He reiterated that the conditions in would be very similar to those in Singapore with challenging heat and humidity for both drivers and cars.

“The configuration will work less in our favour, but of course we will still fight for everything,” he insisted.

Alonso added that he is putting all his energy to finish every race in “the best possible position,” with six races left.



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