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Answer – CETA mixed agreement – E-000466/2016

by April 5, 2016 General

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is indeed very similar to the Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA), with the result that the Court’s Opinion on the Singapore FTA will provide clarity on the allocation of competences over matters dealt with in CETA. However, CETA is not identical, and it will need to be seen how the Court’s reasoning in its Opinion on the Singapore FTA will apply to CETA.

The Commission has finalised the legal scrub and is finalising the translation of CETA with a view to submitting it to the Council. Since no date is set for the Court’s Opinion on the Singapore court case it is possible that this takes place before the Court renders its opinion.

The Commission has not yet taken a final view on the division of competences as regards CETA.