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Asia Pacific

by December 18, 2017 General
  • EU, Japan conclude world’s largest free trade agreement

    The deal, combining the 28-nation bloc and the world’s third largest economy, will remove EU tariffs of 10% tariffs on Japanese cars and the 3% rate typically applied to car parts

  • Japan to acquire air-launched missiles able to strike North Korea

    Japan is also looking to mount Lockheed Martin Corp’s extended-range Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM-ER) on its F-15 fighters

  • China warns of imminent attacks by ‘terrorists’ in Pakistan

    The unusual alert comes as China pours funds into infrastructure projects in a country plagued by militancy.

  • ‘Go home’ drone seeks to stop Japan overtime binge

    Every year in Japan, long working hours are blamed for dozens of deaths due to strokes, heart attacks and suicides

  • China criticises India over crashed drone on border

    The Indian army said an unmanned aerial vehicle was on a training mission over Indian territory when it developed technical problems and crossed a so-called line of actual control separating the countries’ militaries

  • B-1B bomber joins US-South Korea drills as tensions escalate

    The US-South Korea drills coincide with a rare visit to the isolated North by UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman

  • South Korea, US kick off large-scale air exercise amid North Korean warnings

    Pyongyang over the weekend blasted the drill, accusing US President Donald’s Trump’s administration of ‘begging for nuclear war’

  • Philippine students protest President Duterte in naked run

    Alpha Phi Omega also used its naked run during late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s rule in the 1980s to protest against the censorship of activists at the University of the Philippines

  • Akihito to become first Japanese emperor to abdicate in 200 years

    The emperor will be succeeded by his heir, 57-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito

  • World’s biggest lithium ion battery switched on in Australia

    “South Australia is now leading the world in dispatchable renewable energy,” says state Premier Jay Weatherill

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