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AWS Makes Amazon Lex Available to all Customers

by April 19, 2017 General

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Source: Amazon

Headline: AWS Makes Amazon Lex Available to all Customers

Amazon Lex, the technology that powers Amazon Alexa, enables any
developer to build rich, conversational user experiences for web,
mobile, and connected device apps

American Heart Association, Capital One, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Liberty
, NASA, Ohio Health, and Vonage among customers using Amazon Lex

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN),
announced that Amazon Lex, an artificial intelligence (AI) service for
building applications that can have conversations using voice and text,
is now available to all customers. Amazon Lex brings the sophisticated
and proven deep learning algorithms that power Amazon Alexa to all
developers as a fully managed service. To get started with Amazon Lex,

Until now, very few developers have been able to build, deploy, and
broadly scale apps with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural
language understanding (NLU) capabilities because doing so required
training sophisticated deep learning algorithms on massive amounts of
data and infrastructure. Amazon Lex eliminates all of this heavy
lifting, making it easy for developers to build apps that can have
conversations using voice or text by offering the same ASR and NLU
technologies that power Amazon Alexa, as a fully managed service. With
Amazon Lex, developers can build and test conversational apps that
perform tasks such as checking the weather or latest news, booking
travel, ordering food, getting the latest sales or marketing data from
business software, or controlling a connecting device. To build a
conversational app, developers provide Amazon Lex sample phrases that
describe a user’s intent (e.g., “book a flight”) along with the
corresponding information Amazon Lex needs to ask to fulfill the intent
(e.g., travel date and destination), and any required questions Amazon
Lex needs to ask to elicit additional information (e.g., “when do you
want to travel?” and “where do you want to go?”). Amazon Lex takes care
of the rest by building a machine learning model that parses the speech
or text input from the user, understands the intent behind the
conversation, and manages the conversation (e.g., if the travel date is
already known, the app will skip that question and ask for the
destination). Developers can then publish the conversational app to
mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, web applications, and chat
services such as Facebook Messenger, Slack or Twilio. Amazon Lex handles
the authentication required by different platforms using the customer
provided keys and scales automatically as traffic increases, so
developers don’t have to worry about provisioning and managing

“Thousands of machine learning and deep learning experts across Amazon
have been developing AI technologies for years, and Amazon Alexa
includes some of the most sophisticated and powerful deep learning
technologies in existence,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President,
Databases, Analytics, and AI, AWS. “We thought customers might be
excited to use the same technology that powers Alexa to build
conversational apps, but we’ve been blown away by the customer response
to our preview – as organizations in virtually every industry like
Capital One, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Liberty Mutual, Ohio Health, and Vonage
have mobilized quickly to build on top of Amazon Lex.”

Amazon Lex is integrated with AWS Lambda, the pioneer in event-driven
computing that lets developers run code without provisioning or managing
servers (serverless). This means that developers can build Amazon Lex
conversational apps that use Lambda functions to implement business
logic and retrieve data from enterprise applications and AWS Services
like Amazon DynamoDB. Amazon Lex also includes built-in connectors that
make it easy for conversational apps to access data from popular SaaS
applications like Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, and QuickBooks so apps
built using Amazon Lex can answer questions like “what are my top 10
accounts in Salesforce” by fetching appropriate data from Salesforce.
Developers can also easily access analytics provided by Amazon Lex to
measure various application performance and accuracy metrics that they
can use to improve their apps over time.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is the nation’s oldest and largest
voluntary organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of
cardiovascular diseases and stroke. “The AHA engages nearly 1 million
participants, nationwide, through our premier Heart Walk events to
further our mission of saving lives,” said Roger Santone, Executive Vice
President of Technology, AHA. “The world is rapidly changing and we are
constantly rethinking traditional approaches to reach people at the pace
that they live their everyday lives. We used Amazon Lex’s AI technology
to streamline the registration process so prospective Heart Walk
participants can use their natural voice to easily register through We are committed to the role that technology plays in
enabling consumers, patients, and physicians to achieve better health
outcomes and to further the mission of the AHA.”

Freshdesk is a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement
software, allowing organizations to support customers through email,
phone, websites, forums, and social media. “Adding Amazon Lex to our
cloud-based platform will help our customers provide a more personalized
experience, a critical feature in customer support,” said Francesco
, Vice President Alliances, Freshdesk. “Our 100,000 customers
will be able to use natural language to handle administrative tasks,
review metrics and provide support, ultimately simplifying ticket
management. Using Amazon Lex for intent identification, our customers
will quickly be able to answer their clients’ questions, resulting in
the ability for agents to address the more complex inquiries in a timely
manner. With Alexa speech recognition and natural language technology,
Amazon Lex maintains context in conversation, creating a more natural
dialogue. We are excited to team up with Amazon Lex as we help
organizations around the world deliver better, more personal support to
their customers.”

Vonage is a leading provider of cloud communications for business. “The
expansion of AI-driven conversational services has enabled businesses to
engage with their customers in ways that are more meaningful and more
contextual than ever before,” said Alan Masarek, Chief Executive
Officer, Vonage. “With Amazon Lex, we can empower Vonage customers to
choose how and where they will engage with us – building intelligent
interaction paths into existing voice and messaging channels. Vonage is
also developing ways to integrate Amazon Lex with our API Platform,
Nexmo, to provide enterprise developers with an easy way to build custom
conversational apps driven by natural language understanding and speech
recognition, and deliver them through any medium, reaching customers
wherever they are – whether it’s phone, text, app, or mobile device.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance helps people preserve and protect what they
earn, build, own and cherish. “With the growing importance of cognitive
technologies in every area of business, we were delighted to see Amazon
Lex, with its Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding
technologies, added to the broad portfolio of services AWS provides,”
said Gillian Armstrong, Insurance Technologist, Liberty Mutual. “Amazon
Lex integrates easily into our existing applications, as well as our new
cloud-native serverless architectures, enabling us to rapidly take
advantage of these powerful technologies to improve and extend the
capabilities we can offer our employees and customers.”

Customers can launch Amazon Lex using the AWS Management Console, AWS
Command Line Interface (CLI), or AWS SDKs. Amazon Lex is available in
the US East (N. Virginia) Region.

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