Azerbaijani currency rates for November 24


The official exchange rate of the US dollar and the euro against the Azerbaijani manat as of November 24, 2021, was set at 1.7 and 1.9105 manat, respectively, Trend reports with reference to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA).

The manat rate in relation to world currencies, according to the CBA, on Nov. 24:

Currency Rate
One USD USD 1,7
One euro EUR 1,91
One Australian dollar AUD 1,224
One Argentine peso ARS 0,0169
One Belarusian ruble BYN 0,6761
One Brazilian real BRL 0,3041
One UAE dirham AED 0,4628
One South African rand ZAR 0,1071
100 South Korean wons KRW 0,1429
One Czech crown CZK 0,0749
100 Chilean pesos CLP 0,2091
One Chinese yuan CNY 0,2660
One Danish krone DKK 0,2569
One Georgian lari GEL 0,5457
One Hong Kong dollar HKD 0,2181
One Indian rupee INR 0,0228
One British pound sterling GBP 2,2733
100 Indonesian rupiah IDR 0,0119
100 Iranian riyals IRR 0,004
One Swedish krona SEK 0,1879
One Swiss franc CHF 1,8204
One Israeli shekel ILS 0,5418
One Canadian dollar CAD 1,3396
One Kuwaiti dinar KWD 5,6130
One Kazakh tenge KZT 0,0040
One Kyrgyz som KGS 0,0201
100 Lebanese pounds LBP 0,1125
One Malaysian ringgit MYR 0,4038
One Mexican peso MXN 0,0800
One Moldovan leu MDL 0,0959
One Egyptian pound EGP 0,1082
One Norwegian krone NOK 0,1907
100 Uzbek soums UZS 0,0158
One Polish zloty PLN 0,4062
One Russian ruble RUB 0,0229
One Singapore dollar SGD 1,2443
One Saudi rial SAR 0,4531
One SDR (IMF Special Drawing Rights) XDR 2,3711
One Turkish lira TRY 0,1334
One Taiwan dollar TWD 0,0612
One Tajik somoni TJS 0,1509
One new Turkmen manat TMT 0,4857
One Ukrainian hryvnia UAH 0,0633
100 Japanese yen JPY 1,4786
One New Zealand dollar NZD 1,1738



Source: TREND News Agency


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