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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Bali Open Piano Competition 2017 winners announced

by September 26, 2017 General

Six pianists from Singapore had to cancel their performances at the Bali Open Piano Competition 2017 that ran from Sept. 23 – 24 due to the recent alert status of Mount Agung.

The six pianists were Megan Phuan Zhiyan, Ryan Phuan Yanming, Sophie Keong Zhi Ling, Jamie Michael Lam, Kate Lairen Lam and Tan Yu Ching Clare. 

“We will give them another chance to perform at the Batam Open Piano Competition 2017 on Oct. 21 – 22. Plenty of Singaporean pianists are competing in this event,” said the event’s committee member Eleonora Aprilita.

The event in Bali was joined by 150 participants coming from different countries and also attracted more than 1,000 visitors.

Bali tourism marketing department head I Ketut Astra said that Bali relies on these kinds of events to attract upper-class tourists.

“On behalf of the leaders of Bali tourism department we really appreciate and give our highest appreciation to the tourism ministry as well as the committee and judges for this event,” said Ketut.

“We support this event to become an annual event so participants can have longer preparation time for both the competition and also able to plan their holiday,” Ketut added.

Meanwhile, the judging committee head Hendrata Prasetia said the enthusiasm for piano competitions in this country is increasing.

“The enthusiasm is increasing, this shows that piano competitions are spreading across the country, it used to only be in Java but now it has gone on to Sumatra and Bali as well,” said Hendrata. (asw)

Below is the winner’s list of Bali Open Piano Competition 2017

II: Josephine Sebastiana A. Tarigan & Michaela Valencia Shan Wijaya

III: Graciela Amanda                     

IV: Leonie Alexandra  

 Free Choice F: 

I: Clarin Lukito                 

II: Stefani Halim            

Selection Choice A:

I: Kadek Surya Wiguna Rui Ikeda                

II: Christabella Putri Pribadi

III: Abigail Diva Romamti

IV: Allison Quinn Pangestu

V: Jelica Angelline Zecy Yang

VI: Josephine Emma

Selection Choice B: 

I : Michelle Holly Santoso

II : Florencia Annabelle Jocelynn S

III: Salvatiara Arantxa Purba

IV: Dellyn Marcella Tumbelaka

V: Charles Tawika Leo

VI: Alia Ramadhani Fentarto

Selection Choice C: 

I: Natalie Yang

II: Nicholas Raditya Irianto

III: Gabriel Cyrillus Lesmana

IV: Chayara Zalfa Saliha

V: Han Hyun Woo

VI: Ratri Cantika Swari

Selection Choice D: 

I: Vincent

II: Gracielle Vicella Tania

III: Audrey Yulianti Irwanto

IV: Putu Hana Pradnyandari

V: Letitia Nathabrondiva

VI: Jaceynda Dinata

Selection Choice E: 

I: Tiffany

II: Made Kharisma Jagaddhita

III: Josephine Sebastiana A Tarigan

IV: Inggrid Yoseline Karina                 

Selection Choice F: 

III: I Gede Aditya Arismawan & Josephine Sebastiana A Tarigan