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Beijing Capital among the world's best 10 airports (China Daily)

by September 1, 2015 Aviation

Beijing Capital International Airport stands 10th in the Skytrax annual rankings in 2015. [Photo/IC]

The Skytrax annual rankings have published its latest annual World Airport Awards. Singapore’s Changi International Airport took the crown as the world’s best airport, and Beijing stood 10th overall.

It was the third year running for Singapore’s Changi International Airport to be named World’s Best Airport by Skytrax, the London-based aviation website and global source of airline ratings and reviews.

Singapore Changi Airport connects customers to over 200 destinations worldwide, with 5000 arrivals and departures a week by 80 international airlines, according to Skytrax.

The main international airport serving Beijing and the second-busiest airport in the world from 2014, Beijing Capital International Airport remained in the list’s top 10, while standing at 7th last year.

It’s worth mentioning that the first ten spots were divided equally between Asia and Europe, and none of the airports in North America made it into the top 10. Vancouver International Airport, ranked 11, is the best in North America according to Skytrax.

The World Airport Awards began in 1999, and has become a global benchmark of airport excellence. The 2015 World Airport Awards are based on 13 million survey questionnaires completed by airline customers around the world. The survey covered 550 airports worldwide, and evaluated travelers’ experiences from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration through to departure at the gate.

The following are the best 20 airports in 2015 by Skytrax.

1 Singapore Changi

2 Incheon Intl Airport

3 Munich Airport

4 Hong Kong Intl

5 Tokyo Intl Haneda

6 Zurich Airport

7 Central Japan Intl

8 London Heathrow

9 Amsterdam Schiphol

10 Beijing Capital

11 Vancouver Intl Airport

12 Kansai Intl Airport

13 Frankfurt Airport

14 Narita Intl Airport

15 Auckland Intl Airport

16 Copenhagen Airport

17 Taiwan Taoyuan

18 Helsinki-Vantaa

19 Kuala Lumpur Intl

20 Brisbane Airport

Singapore’s Changi International Airport takes the crown as the world’s best airport. [Photo/IC]

Tokyo International Airport, commonly known as Haneda Airport. [Photo/IC]

An exterior view of Hong Kong International Airport. [Photo/IC]

An interior view of Germany`s Munich Airport. [Photo/IC]

Vancouver International Airport, ranked 11, is the best in North America according to Skytrax. [Photo/IC]