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Belligerence on Doklam

by July 25, 2017 General

The Indian government has shown rare prudence in choosing a diplomatic approach instead of giving in to China’s aggression (“Don’t harbour unrealistic illusions, China tells India,” July 25). Statements like those made by China’s Defence Ministry where the spokesperson asked India to “correct its mistake” clearly intend to push India to take an aggressive stance. However, if a war were to break out, India would find itself at a strategic disadvantage as China has a far more advanced military and has the capability to launch attacks on multiple fronts. We have everything to lose if we take China’s bait.

Remus Noronha,


China’s belligerence with regard to the Doklam issue is worrisome. That China has territorial disputes with almost all its neighbours — Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, India and Bhutan — is no secret. Though China enjoys superiority over India militarily, the firepower at India’s disposal is also considerable. India must not buckle to Chinese pressure as that will embolden it to make further inroads.

N. Venkata Sai Praveen,