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Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Bengaluru: Infosys may fund 80-100 crore on proposed Electronic City Metro

by July 21, 2017 General

Philanthropist and writer Sudha Murty shares a light moment with Metro staff | Express Photo

BENGALURU: THE Infosys Foundation is looking at funding between Rs 80 crore and Rs 100 crore for the proposed Metro station at Electronics City under the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited’s Phase-II project.The Foundation will be adopting the station under the Innovative Financing Model proposed for Metro stations in this phase by BMRCL.

Speaking to Express on Thursday, Infosys Foundation Chairperson Sudha Murty said, “I always wanted to be involved with the Metro for a very long. If all goes well, we may be funding the Metro station in Electronics City as that is where the main office of Infosys is located. I use the word ‘may’ only here as legal and other formalities must be completed thoroughly before everything is finalised.”
Asked about the investment that Infosys Foundation was prepared to make, she said, “We are looking at a sum below Rs 100 crore, may be something between Rs 80 crore and Rs 100 crore.”

Metro has given us a period of three to four years up to the year 2020 to fund it and this gave the Foundation enough time to arrange the resources, Murty said.The billionaire added modestly, “We plan to cut down on other expenses in the next four years so that we can manage the funding.” The philanthropist hastened to add that the Foundation was not looking at making any profit through its Metro venture.

Promotion of artisans

The Chairperson was looking at utilising the space available in Metro station to promote many who do not have the resources to market their products. “I plan to give many unknown artists an opportunity to display their work. I also hope to give space to handicrafts done by underprivileged artisans and other sections of society who do not have the resources. It could be done as a weekly fair with many getting an opportunity,” she said.

The popular author said she wanted to christen the station as ‘Infosys Konappanna Agrahara’ as it was the original Kannada name of the place where the Metro station in Electronics City would come up.
The Chairperson is diligently doing her homework to ensure the station in unique. “I visited the Metro stations in Uzbekistan two months ago. I also saw a Metro station in Russia which was almost like outerspace with sculptures of Yuri Gagarin and others. I frequently visit London and I’m keenly observing the Metro stations of New York and Singapore as well,” she added.