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Birthday Twins Documentary on Cards

by April 23, 2017 General

By Staff Reporter


The Birthday Twins Project is looking for twins worldwide born on specific dates as part of a documentary the project is filming for Belgian Television.

It has already found twins in several countries including Nicaragua, Chile, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Morocco, Mali, Cameroon, South Africa, Tanzania, The Faroe Islands, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan, Canada and the US who want to participate in the documentary.

Editor of the Birthday Twins Project, Annelore de Donder, said the project is keen to find Namibian twins as well in its quest to obtain the largest panel of people possible in terms of diversity of nationalities, ethnicities, social backgrounds, professions and faith.

“The idea behind this documentary is to film lives in parallel of people who have nothing in common but their date of birth,” she said, adding that this could be seen as an attempt to answer the question: “What would my life be if I was born in another part of the world?”

In this regard, the project is looking for Namibian male and female twins born on the following dates:

29 April 1933
18 July 1948
19 July 1948
20 August 1949
11 February 1952
18 January 1956
5 May 1956
27 August 1958
30 December 1960
24 July 1962
14 January 1965
27 January 1965
5 October 1968
5 February 1969
1 December 1971
3 May 1981

5 April 1943
2 May 1950
20 July 1963
24 March 1964
26 March 1975
27 December 1979
24 July 1982

De Donder assured prospective participants that the request was strictly limited to research for the project’s documentary.