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Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Bit Coin Global to launch of Money Trade Coin

by July 26, 2017 General

Bit Coin Global FZE, a leading company in crypto market investment solutions, has  announced the soft launch of the crypto currency (payment solutions) Money Trade Coin on July 29 at the Country Club Hotel Dubai, UAE.

In the presence of chief guest Govindaji (Indian Actor), Raza Murad (Indian Actor) and around 50 representatives of elite traders and institutes from India, UK, Singapore and Malaysia, the company will assign the tokens of the Private Initial Coin Offering (PICO).

Money Trade Coin is a secure and overall stable system of payment and advanced intellectual property owned by Bit Coin Global FZE and Money Trade Coin Ltd UK, which will be used as a payment solution through online gateways such as block chain (public ledger) stored in digital wallets and Crypto products like online shopping malls, booking tickets, etc.

Money Trade Coin include many services under one roof such as online cryptocurrency European Affiliated Academy, the world’s largest online shopping mall and the first unique cryptocurrency exchange using the Fiat currency as the US dollar and not bit coin, other products like virtual master cards and physical visa cards as per the clients country of residence and AML guidelines.

Money Trade Coin has been nominated by CMO IT Asia Awards 2017 to be held on August 2 at Singapore under various categories based on hi-tech software & technologies.

Money Trade Coin will be listed in the crypto market on September 17. The world top bank have issued a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), with two major aspects in the coin market, as it will be listed in the public or the private exchange at the first aspect. Secondly, its opening face value per coin will not be less than three USD, and after that it will change as per the crypto market cap, market holding and traders trend.

Amit Lakhanpal, CMD of Flintstone Group and Founder of Money Trade Coin, said: “Money Trade Coin tokens issued in the Private Initial Coin Offering (PICO). A person can have minimum one Money Trade Coin with different rates in different phases.

“Money Trade Coin will open a new opportunities in the crypto currency market with wide official payment solutions , as this is a non-Multi-level marketing based on Crypto product, money trade coin is an open source coin miners can mine it and earn rewards through P.O.W. or by purchasing and holding coins through P.O.S.” – TradeArabia News Service