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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Blind Football Echoing To Retain APG Gold

by September 16, 2017 General

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 16 (Bernama) — The echo at the National Hockey Stadium sounds good for the Malaysian blind football squad to retain the five-a-side (5s) football event crown at the 9th ASEAN Para Games (APG).

Played by four blind players and a sighted goalkeeper, the reflection of sound waves is very crucial for the players to know their position and danger of moving out of playing field, with designed acoustic boards placed around the pitch for sound reflection.

Coach Sunny Shalesh said outdoor venue is the most ideal for the blind players compared to the indoor venues, which is more dangerous for the players due to loud echo as the players need to hear the noise from the ball containing ball bearings.

During the previous edition at the 2015 Singapore APG, the 5s football was played at an indoor hall in Marina Bay Sands, but the synthetic turf is similar to the National Hockey Stadium here.

“Outdoor venues are most ideal and that is the international requirement because they have less echo. Indoor is more dangerous for the players as the reflection of sound is high,’ he told Bernama…..