BNI India spreads its wings to over seventy cities


US-based BNI, World’s largest and most successful networking organization widens its reach across the country, through its participation in Master Franchise Show 2017, taking place in on June 24 and 25.

Present across 71 countries worldwide, Network International (BNI) aims at spreading roots to various states and regions across India, thereby fostering the growth of entrepreneurship and through networking. BNI opens doors for the more than 40 cities across to open Regional Franchise as well as Sub Franchises.

BNI was launched in November 2004. Since then it has grown into a formidable organization of over 14,800 members with 321 chapters spread across 31 cities in the country. Growing at 30 percent every year, the BNI aims at proliferating through its regional and sub franchises to over 70 cities across the states like J&K, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and North East.

Mahesh ‘Mac’ Srinivasan, President APAC, National Director BNI India, BNI Singapore and BNI Sri Lanka says, “I am very positive about BNI’s growth in Our members have seen exponential growth in their by leveraging the BNI referral system. Just last year, members of BNI recorded a worth over 5,000 crores through this unique referral system and are able to expand their across the world into the 71 countries where we have operations. There is tremendous scope for growth across various states and tier II, III, IV cities in and entrepreneurs could harness the potential through BNI’s robust networking model.”

Highlights of the BNI success story in the last one year

-31 percent growth in membership

-66 percent growth in referred for members

-Rs. 5,000 crores of revenue generated in 2016

Rapid expansion across including tier II, III, IV cities and empowering entrepreneurs.

BNI encourages the Make in initiative and provides extensive support to their member entrepreneurs in leveraging the global BNI network to export their products and services.

BNI is a global franchised networking organization with over 220,000 members in 8026 chapters worldwide. It is the world’s largest referral organization for small and medium scale entrepreneurs and helps members grow their through a structured professional referral program. The BNI Network globally generated over USD 11.2 billion in revenue for its members last year.

BNI is looking to change the way does business! The BNI team can be reached at stall no. 15B in the upcoming Master Franchise Show in on 24 – 25th June.

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