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Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Canberra Times fun run participant Ari Sharp motivated by unborn daughter during cancer battle

by July 21, 2017 General

Ari Sharp remembers barely having the energy to brush his own teeth. Chemotherapy had sapped his strength to the point where everyday tasks had become a struggle. Exercise was the last thing on his mind.

Mr Sharp first discovered something was wrong when a sore throat refused to get better after several weeks. After he went to the doctors and got some scans done, it was revealed that he had a Lymphoma in his throat, which was the size of a tennis ball.

Undergoing eight rounds of chemotherapy was both physically and mentally draining.

But the 34-year-old Lymphatic cancer survivor never gave up. This September he will celebrate his survival by walking in his fourth Canberra Times fun run.

“When I used to go for chemotherapy, I barely had strength and energy in the morning to even get up and brush my teeth, everything used to be a real struggle”, Mr Sharp said.

Mr Sharp was very grateful to have the love and support from his family who helped him throughout his recovery.

“The support of my family was incredible, they would travel from Melbourne to come and check up on me. My wife Melanie was amazing she was always there to support me and was even more special because she was carrying our first child together.”

The nurses at the Canberra region cancer centre helped prepare Mr Sharp for his treatment through organising regular appointments and made sure he was provided with the best care possible.

“The nurses were amazing throughout my recovery, they were always positive even when things were bad and always prepared me for what was about to come”.

After his recovery, in May 2016 Mrs Sharp gave birth to the couple’s daughter Amelia. Now 14 months old, she has changed their lives in the most positive way.

“It was just amazing, my wife Melanie was carrying Amelia whilst I was sick and to go through what we went through just made her birth that extra special,” he said.

Mr Sharp says that he is now looking forward to doing what he loves and that includes walking in this year’s fun run.

“I’ve always been a keen walker. I have enjoyed walking in the fun run because it is a great way to see the beautiful city of Canberra and all its beauty.”

He has had a good preparation leading into this year’s 14km event, taking part in several half marathons around the world and in the Canberra region.

“I have walked many half marathons in places such as Jakarta and Singapore and I have also managed to do brisk walks around Mount Ainslie.” he  said.

Mr Sharp offers simple advice to people who are going through a similar illness to what he experienced, which is to do what you love.

“The experience with my battle has taught me to appreciate what you have, to not take things for granted, remain positive and to set your eyes on a goal you want to achieve.”