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Casino levy could be a good compromise

by August 26, 2016 General

The current proposal for a casino in Mildura has divided our community between those who see the economic benefits and those who see the potential social problems associated with gambling. 

The same situation was encountered in Singapore when they introduced a casino into their city. 

The Singapore Government has passed a law which prohibits Singapore residents from entering the casino unless they pay a levy of $100 per day or an annual fee of $2000. 

If this same policy was applied to any casino licence issued for Mildura then I believe this would deter all but the most serious gamblers from wanting to enter the casino. 

The developers of the proposed convention centre have stated a casino is necessary for its financial viability. 

If the developers believe revenue from the casino would be derived primarily from visitors residing outside of Mildura then they should have no objection to the levy. 

This would be a win-win for those who are for and against a casino here in Mildura.

Adrian Pettit,