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Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Celebrating freedom through a cross country road trip

by August 14, 2016 General

Press Trust of India  |  New Delhi

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A cross country road trip kicking off in and culminating in via Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar is what five intrepid Indians attempt to accomplish, beginning on August 15.

‘The Great Independence Day Ride – 2016’ attempts to traverse 5000 kilometers on the most talked about Asian Highway number 2 that connects the South East Asian countries, a year ahead of the trade route opening.

“This endeavour is an attempt in its infancy to promote tourism, culture, travel, food, music and motorcycling between the neighborhood countries connected through roads,” says Nikhil Kashyap, a marketing consultant and a motorcycle collector who is the director of the trip.

Kashyap says the venture is an attempt to celebrate freedom. “Freedom is priceless and can revolutionize society in vast terms. What stays of utmost importance is that of befriending neighboring nations and seeking strength in unity. Freedom can make us live our dreams and so it does for a country,” he says.

Kashyap, who calls himself a passionate motorcyclist joins co-riders – Bhanu Pratap Singh, a rally driver, Harkirat Singh who is a pilot, Vikram Mehta, a super biker and a petrol head along with Rahul Dixit, a NRI banker by day and a traveller by the weekend.

The gang of five, says it will explore, eat and delve into the cultures of exotic destinations and stay connected with enthusiasts through biker clubs in different countries and the loop of social media.

The trip has been curated by Victorianz, a premium travel company.

“It is an honour to enable this epic adventure ride from Singapore to India, We would like to urge all adventure enthusiasts to take the road and explore ASEAN land and culture – scapes in this wonderful part of the world,” says Ram Ithikkat, Director, Victorianz.