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Celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang welcome baby girl

by June 16, 2016 General

Andie Chen and Kate Pang welcomed their new baby, Avery. — TODAY picAndie Chen and Kate Pang welcomed their new baby, Avery. — TODAY pic

SINGAPORE, June 17 — As fate would have it, Mediacorp actor Andie Chen’s newborn daughter will share his birthday.

Chen’s wife Kate Pang, also a Mediacorp actress, delivered Avery, their second child, this morning.

The couple also have a son, Aden, who turns two end of this month.

Asked how he felt about sharing his special day with his little girl, Chen told TODAY: “Extremely romantic. I think it’s very romantic.

“Something about having a daughter that makes you fall (in love) all over (again).”

Chen said the delivery process this time round was more challenging for his wife.

While Aden’s birth “was a lot more tiring”, Avery’s delivery was “a bit more intense”, he said, adding that he could tell Pang was in more pain than she was when she was delivering Aden.

However, he added, the pain was shorter this time round.

Chen, who married Pang in November 2013, documented the process on his Facebook page, giving fans regular updates. He first went Facebook live at around 1.15am — showing the scene in the hospital room while Pang was resting.

At around 9.20am, he announced that “baby Avery has arrived safely this morning! Kate is still bleeding and under observation. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and prayers”.

Asked whether his wife was calm during the delivery, Chen joked that she had “demanded I get a vasectomy”.

“She squeezed my hand very hard and also bit my finger,” he quipped.

Still, it was understandable, given that Pang did not use any epidural. “I really salute her for being so brave,” he said.

Thankfully, both mummy and baby are fine. “Right now, she (Pang) has regained her appetite and has just eaten. She is starting to look better.”

As for the baby, Chen said: “Baby Avery is fine. She’s very good. Very healthy.” — TODAY