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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

China's bike-sharing company ofo to increase bikes in London

by September 23, 2017 General

LONDON, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) — China’s bike-sharing company ofodecided to increase the number of its bikes in London’s Hackneyfollowing its recent launch in the borough, the company announcedFriday.

The company said it will increase the number of its bikes to 750from an initial 200 over the coming month in Hackney, hoping toprovide a blueprint for ofo in the rest of the capital as it looksto address transport options for the “last mile” of travel.

Ofo offers an effective way to utilize shared urban space withdockless bike sharing and geo-fencing. Dockless bikes offerconvenience to users, while geo-fencing ensures that riders use thebikes within the designated “Home Zone” which is clearly visible inthe app.

The news comes after successful launches in Cambridge and Oxfordby the brand, which is working closely with Hackney Council toensure its service integrates with existing cycling infrastructurein the borough.

Joseph Seal-Driver, ofo’s Britain Operations director, said:” Aswe celebrate our rollout in the capital, we’re excited to announceon World Car Free Day that we are upping our presence in Hackney tomeet the increasing demand for ofo bikes in the borough.”

“With the highest cycling rate in the capital, Hackney isleading the way on sustainable transport. Yet, London as a wholecontinues to be blighted by congestion and pollution problems. Weneed innovative solutions to meet these problems that go beyond thereach of Santander bikes,” he added.

People pay 50p (0.67 U.S. dollars) through a smartphone app fora 30-minute ride of ofo’s yellow bikes which can be picked up anddropped off anywhere that bike parking is allowed.

With more than 25 million transactions daily, ofo connects over10 million bikes to riders in more than 170 cities in ninecountries, including China, Singapore, Britain, the United States,Khazakstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Austria and Japan. In total, morethan 4 billion rides have been provided to over 200 million usersglobally.

By the end of 2017, ofo plans to deploy 20 million bikes in 20countries. Enditem