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Chinese citizens averaged 3.7 trips in 2017

by January 17, 2018 General

Chinese citizens made an average of 3.7 trips the last year and spent 914 RMB ($142) per trip, said a recent national work conference held by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA).

Statistics show that Chinese citizens made five billion domestic trips in 2017, creating tourism revenue of 4.57 trillion RMB. The number of outbound trips hit 129 million. Over the last three years, tourism accounted for over 14% of China’s final consumption.

According to a report issued by Chinese tour service provider Ctrip, the most frequent travelers averaged 27 trips in 2017.

The report shows that 55% of the tourism consumption was made by female tourists. However, men outspent women, indicating a stricter budgeting of the female tourists.

Tourists born in 1990s were the most lavish group, spending 3,478 RMB on average last year. This figure was respectively 3,078 and 3,325 RMB for the people born in the 1980s and 1970s.

Thailand, Japan, United States, Indonesia, Singapore, Maldives, Vietnam, Australia, Italy, and Russia were ranked the top-10 foreign destinations for Chinese tourists.