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Friday, December 13th, 2019

Come clean on BJP funds: CM Arvind Kejriwal to Centre

by November 20, 2016 General
NEW DELHI: Taking his fight against the demonetisation of high-value notes to social media, CM Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday that if the BJP-led central government was really serious about fighting the black money menace, it should first ask all political parties to declare their sources of funding. He added that BJP should take the lead and disclose its funding details.

Kejriwal challenged the Centre, saying that if the Anti-Corruption Branch was given back to the Delhi government, the latter would bring down corruption within a month.

In a live video chat on his Facebook page, Kejriwal alleged there were over 60 people who lost their lives due to the decision to demonetise Rs 500 ad Rs 1,000 notes.

Kejriwal demanded to know as to how much black money had been seized so far and how the government was expecting to bring black money under the tax net. He claimed that the country was headed “for a long-term crisis where food scarcity and inflation are set to destroy the Indian economy”.

“No markets are functioning because all economic activity has come to a standstill. Factories have shut down, causing lakhs of jobs to be in serious jeopardy. Even the RBI does not have answers,” the CM said. He claimed there had been a shortage of vegetables and milk in the past few days and prices of some commodities had shot up due to the cash crisis.

He reiterated his allegations that the demonetisation would not bring back any black money and would instead facilitate the industrialist-politician nexus. He alleged that the Rs 2,000 currency will make it easier for people to store and carry black money because it’s a bigger denomination.

Citing the examples of Hong Kong and Singapore, Kejriwal said they had fought corruption by cracking down on the powerful politicians and officials who were corrupt. “Today, both countries are known to be honest nations. So corruption can be brought down and a crackdown on black money can only happen through tough measures against the big fish,” he said.

Maximum black money operates in political parties, he said, adding, “I appeal to Centre that it should first get the political parties starting with BJP to declare their sources of funding and bring back the black money that is operating within parties.”

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