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Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Casts Pall Over Asian Markets??

by October 25, 2020 General

Asian markets are mixed Monday as investors appear to be reacting with uncertainty over the resurgence of COVID-19 across Europe and the United States.

Japan’s benchmark Nikkei index ended its trading session down 22 points, but unchanged percentage-wise. The S&P/ASX index in Australia lost 0.1%. South Korea’s KOSPI index dropped 0.7.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index gained 0.5%. Taiwan’s TSEC index was up 10 points, but was unchanged percentage-wise.

In late afternoon trading, Shanghai’s Composite index was 0.8% lower, and Mumbai’s Sensex was down one percent.

In commodities trading, gold was selling at $1,898.20, down 0.3%. U.S. crude oil is selling at $38.90 per barrel, down 2.3%, and Brent crude is selling at $40.83 per barrel, down 2.2%.

All three major U.S. indices are trending negatively in futures trading.

Source: Voice of America