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Dad with surname Christmas who celebrates birthday on Christmas Day and used to go out with girl called Merrie

by December 25, 2016 General

Meet the father-of-two whose surname is Christmas who will be celebrating his 40 birthday on Christmas Day.

Alistair Christmas, of Sherwood near Nottingham says people look at him like Santa Claus when he delivers the news that he was born on Christmas Day report the Nottingham Post.

And he says having Christmas as his surname has caused many amusing antidotes’ through the years – with one customer service advisor refusing to hand over a parcel he had ordered.

He even dated a girl when he was 14 called Merrie, but he doubts it would have ever led to marriage.

Alistair, who works at Queen’s Medical Centre as a physiotherapist, told the Post: “Mostly people act in disbelief. Every time someone asks me what I am doing for Christmas and I say celebrating my birthday they think it is a wind up.

“But having that surname and being born on Christmas Day has never been a negative. Even when I was at school. It has always been a positive thing.

“They just see you and look at you as if you were magic. You can see it in their eyes. It has washed over me but to them it is like they have just met Santa.

Father Christmas is on his way

Alistair Christmas is a father of two

“I went out with a girl at school called Merrie – marriage certainly wasn’t on the cards. It would have been unfortunate for her.”

Alistair says it does have its down sides though, as it becomes a source of confusion, especially when he is divulging his personal details over the telephone.

“It has been a source of confusion for 40 years and amazement in some cases. I have argued over the phone before because people do not believe me when I have given my details to order things.”

Alistair has just welcomed a new addition to the Christmas family – his three-week old baby Ernest and will be celebrating the day with wife Anabel, 36, and his two-year-old daughter Agnes.

His mum and dad, Patrick and Rosie Christmas, live in Bottesford and they have another son, Peter, 34, but he was born in May.

Patrick, 70, told the Post: “When he was born the story went all over the world – Singapore and New Zealand.

“It can be embarrassing sometimes – with a name like Christmas everyone remembers it. He was a bit late arriving actually.

“I went to visit my wife in hospital on Christmas Day and I went into the ward and a lady said she has given birth. I was not expecting him – but Rosie was.”