Delicious and spicy, a variety of wild food menus, full of flavor.


Phitsanulok, July 5 – Delicious home-style food. Take a taste of spicy forest food in Phitsanulok. The cooking technique for each menu emphasizes the richness of herbs and fresh ingredients. There is also cobra.

At Kluay Restaurant, Wild Food, a home-style restaurant near the entrance to Phitsanulok Municipality, Borommatrailoknat Road, Mueang Phitsanulok District, the ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh. The restaurant’s identity is that the wild food menu must be full of flavor, pleasing those who love wild food, who stop by to support them all the time. Each period has a different menu, depending on the ingredients they can find.

For example, today, Phi Kriangkrai, the restaurant owner, recommended the menu: ‘Pla Krating’, a superb freshwater fish that is available during this season. It has a great flavor, firm meat, and is fresh from the Nan River. It is not available every day. The restaurant makes it into a Tom Yum soup, while the large Pla Khao is made into Chu Chee. In addition, there is also a
menu of stir-fried wild boar with chili paste, along with various wild food ingredients such as frogs, birds, mice, gobies, eels, and stewed buffalo feet. Some days, there is also a menu of cobra.

The owner said that the secret to the deliciousness of the shop is the emphasis on herbs, strong and spicy. Whether stir-fried, boiled, curry or fried, every menu can be made. Most importantly, the ingredients must be fresh. The shop does not add sugar or coconut milk. Anyone who loves wild food or fresh river fish must come and try. The shop is open every day, no holidays, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Source: Thai News Agency