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Derek Dee’s crusade to stop hepatitis C

by October 13, 2016 General

Derek Dee was living the full celebrity lifestyle until he was eventually diagnosed with hepatitis C.

“One day I found myself infected with a deadly virus that can terminally affect my liver without cure,” Dee said, recalling fateful day a medical laboratory confirmed the actor’s worst fear that he was seriously sick.
Dee was concerned with the prospect of dying young, not seeing his family grow. “I was having the time of my life, not knowing my choices in life would take its toll on my health later on. The hepatitis C virus was in my bloodstream.”
Dee scoured back through the heydays unwisely spent on drugs and sex. “I did not get infected with HIV, with AIDS. Hepatitis C was more serious since it had no known cure at the time.”
While some people in a similar condition would accept their fate, the sneering, pony-tailed Chinese actor relentlessly began searching for a cure.
“I started researching online for possible treatments for hepatitis C,” he relates. The digital excursion led Derek to testimonials of a potential trial drug that could eradicate the disease “by 97 percent.”
“I thought it was worth trying since there was little information provided publicly for a tested cure to my terminal illness,” Dee confides.
He applied to several drug trial programs for hepatitis. “I was turned down several times in my attempt because I was a foreigner.”
Hospitals overseas prioritize natural-born citizens for hepatitis drug trial programs. “Some programs prefer only full-blown hepatitis C patients. I had to get sick first before getting considered for admission.”
Medical treatment cost was another issue. “The hepatitis C trial drug I found cost $90 a pill. It needed to be taken daily for a three-month prescribed treatment period in the US. It was really expensive.”
Derek extended his cure search to Asian hospitals offering similar trial treatments. “I found a hospital pharmacy in Singapore willing to get me the same pill, but for only $60 a piece.”
Derek wrote the hospital for drug trial consideration. “I got tested and accepted into the program. Singapore was convenient since it was only a plane away from the Philippines.”
Derek sold several properties and accepted a relative’s extended financial support to pay for the pricey and lengthy experimental drug treatment. Fortunately, he noticed significant improvements just weeks into it. “The virus was generally nonexistent in my blood. It was a significant sign of improving health,” says Dee.
It was imperative that Derek finish the drug treatment. “Disrupting treatment, even for a day, could bring on other serious illness for a patient. That is even more risky.”
Derek Dee, since receiving treatment in November 2015, has been medically declared free of the hepatitis C virus.
“I am cured. I can now continue living my life again,” he enthuses. Derek has established HepCured, a community for Filipino patients seeking a cure for hepatitis C.
“I established the group to tell people there is a real cure for Hepatitis-C. I can help find treatment before they succumb to deadly complications associated with hepatitis C virus,” says Dee.  

For detailed information about the organization, log on to or visit their Facebook page @hepcured.