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Monday, September 28th, 2020

Dhallywood actor Dipjol to take treatment in Singapore

by September 20, 2017 General

The popular actor was admitted to Labaid on Wednesday morning and kept at the Critical Care Unit under supervision of Dr Baren Chakraborty.

“Doctors say fluids have accumulated in his lungs. They advised his family to take him to Singapore,” film director Montazur Rahman Akbar, who went to see Dipjol, told Glitz.

“An air ambulance will take off around 3:30pm and carry him to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Dipjol’s daughter Oliza Monwar and wife Joba will accompany him.”

Director Chhotku Ahmed said Dipjol’s condition worsened. “Oliza has asked people of the country to pray for her father.”

Co-artistes started gathering at the hospital in the morning. Ahmed Sharif, who is famous for his roles as an antagonist in Dhallywood films, and actor Symon Sadik were among them.

Dipjol started his career in the late 80s and had presented the audience with a series of super-hits since then.

His latest film ‘Dulabhai Zindabad’, directed by Montazur Rahman Akbar, is ready for release next week.