Driving Curriculum, Lessons and Tests Emphasise Pedestrian Safety


We thank Ms Wong Wilgie for her letter Educate drivers on pedestrians’ right of way on 30 March 2017.

All motorists are taught to slow down at pedestrian crossings and give way to pedestrians. This is an important component in the driving curriculum. It is emphasised during driving lessons, as well as in the theory and driving tests.

Traffic Police (TP) continually seeks to educate and engage motorists to observe traffic rules and practise responsible driving habits. In March this year, the ‘Safer Roads Campaign’ was launched to encourage gracious behaviour on the roads and emphasise the need for all road users to always remain vigilant. TP will also take firm enforcement action against errant motorists who endanger the lives of others.

We would also like to request Ms Wong to provide more information on the incident involving the taxi at SPF_Feedback_TP@spf.gov.sg so that we can look into it.

Source: Singapore Police Force