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Dublin restaurant makes it into top 12 wackiest restaurant in the world list

by August 30, 2017 General

Traditional – cosy – exquisite are all words we’ve used to describe most Dublin restaurants but weird and wacky is a phrase we never thought we’d hear ourselves saying.

Turns out, one of the top 12 wackiest restaurants in the world is located in George’s Street Arcade in Dublin.

Nutty Delights is a restaurant/shop that serves everything from sweet and savoury snacking nuts to raw healthy nuts & seeds and dried fruits.

The store has been named one of the wakiest restuarants by online food delivery company Deliveroo from more than 20,000 restaurants around the world.

Looking for more weird and wacky places to eat around the world?

Here’s Delivieroo’s entire list:

Deliveroo’s Top 12 wackiest restaurants

Enos Space Station – Hong Kong

NBA Café – Barcelona

La Siest’In – Marseille

Vox Cinemas – Dubai

The Charlie Brown Café – Singapore

Bay City Burrito – Melbourne

Bull & Ranch – Camden Market, London

Cafe Katzentempel – Munich

Fol – Turin

Are Hoeked Doughnuts – Belgium

Knoflookrestaurant – Rotterdam

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