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Duterte: ‘I killed to protect people’

by December 17, 2016 General

FOLLOWING his admission of killings criminals, President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday said that he was merely forced to kill them to “protect people.”

In an interview in Davao City after his state visits to Cambodia and Singapore, early morning Saturday, December 17, Duterte admitted that he had killed three criminals involved in a hostage-taking in 1988 when he was the former Davao City mayor.

“I did kill… I was holding a [calibre] .45 but you know, when I saw them coming back to our direction, I grabbed my M16, American-made, mind you, to kill criminals. [That was] not extrajudicial [killing]; there was a firefight,” the President said.

“So I might have hit them all or none at all. But the fact is I was there and I fired at them. It was a pure case of kidnapping. It happened during my first term in 1988,” he added.

Duterte made the statement shortly after verifying that media have never been wronged on their report about him killing people.

Asked how many people he had killed, the 71-year-old chief executive said, “Maybe one, two, [or] three. I said three.”

Duterte said that as a public official, he could not tolerate “oppression of civilians and many others and small encounters.”

“So at least I killed to protect people. I am not here [as] a dictator killing my political opponents to stay in power,” said Duterte.

After what he had done, Duterte recalled that he already asked for God’s forgiveness for killing “idiots.”

“I have already asked for the forgiveness in advance. I say to God, ‘[Sorry] for all my sins and the future sins that I will commit.’ Just to make sure I may not be able, when the time comes, if I’m assassinated, I may not have time to say my prayer so just to be on the safe side, ‘God, forgive me for killing these idiots,’” he said.

“It’s God’s problem. [He] create[d] a human monster so if you are God, why do you have to create these idiots? That’s why they die. God should have created law-abiding citizens like us, Philippines,” he added. (Sunnex)