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Duterte: I'm not a drug addict

by December 16, 2016 General

SINGAPORE – President Rodrigo Duterte denies he is a drug dependent himself.

In an ambush interview in Singapore, the President was asked if he considered himself a drug addict after he previously admitted to taking prescription medication.

The chief executive replied, “Yes. But I’m not an addict. Only when there is [a drug] prescribed. Addiction is when there’s regularity, my friend.”

The chief executive then schooled the journalist on what is drug addiction. 

“When you take it and there’s a monkey on your back, that’s addiction. You know what? I’ll give you an idea, nicotine is an addictive element. It’s more than…worse than the medications you take for your headache.”

Duterte pointed out, he needs medication. “You must know that I have a headache, because I had a bad spill and my– And may I show it to you? This is the cause. So, I have intermittent… but I take the [drug], for my migraine.”

The President also said smoking is worse than drug addiction but it has gone unabated. 

“Smoking? That’s far worse. You ask any… it’s far worse than… Nictone is an addictive form and it has—but since it was there a century, two centuries ago, nobody can stop it”