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Ease of doing business

by January 22, 2018 General

MINISTRY of Industry, Trade and Tourism plans to move towards digitisation of the improved building permit approval process.

This was confirmed by ministry permanent secretary Shaheen Ali at the opening of the second tier of the ease of doing business — construction permit workshop yesterday.

A media release from the Department of Information yesterday stated that the first tier of workshops, which were held from November 27-30, 2017, was to audit and re-engineer business processes for building permits approvals to enable the implementation of the Regulation of Building Permits Act 2017, gazetted on July 14, 2017.

Mr Ali said the first workshop provided an opportunity for the approval agencies to understand how other approval agencies contributed to the process.

He said in the first workshop, agencies actively participated and contributed to the understanding of the process and approval cycle of a building or construction permit.

The workshop is being held in partnership with the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise.

“The partnership with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise will enable the Fijian Government identify the redundant processes, streamline the building permit approvals and implement the Regulations of Building Permit Act 2017,” Mr Ali said.

He said this workshop presented an opportunity to map out the most efficient and effective processes in delivering the building permit approval process to the citizens of Fiji.

“I want to reiterate that each agency responsible at any stage of the construction permit process needs to be fully committed to the process of changing the system. The faster, streamlined and modernised process will ensure that the private sector continues to invest in Fiji,” Mr Ali said.

Singapore Cooperation Enterprise chief executive officer Kong Wy Mun, said improving the ease of approving construction permits was one of the key factors in creating a pro-business environment, especially so for its industries.

“This will support the growth of businesses in Fiji and pave the way for a vibrant economy. We are glad to partner with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in this second phase of a series of workshops on construction permits and look forward to a continued partnership,” he said.