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Editorial: Economic Forum to raise Kigali profile

by April 19, 2016 General
Uber set to deliver flu shots in South Africa

Winter is slowly but surely making its way to South Africa and with it comes flu season. With winter fast approaching, Discovery has revealed a partnership with Uber & Dis-Chem to bring the flu vaccine to consumers in the country. On Friday, 22 April 2016 between 10:00am and 15:00pm, (…)

[IT News Africa] 19/04/2016

UN peacekeeper killed in CAR

The UN is calling on the Central African Republic authorities to bring the killers of a Moroccan UN peacekeeper to justice.

[IOL] 19/04/2016

Africa: Africa Moves Center-Stage in Global Security Debate

[Deutsche Welle] Two high-profile security conferences in Ethiopia have underlined the siginficance Western policymakers attach to enlisting African support when shoring up global security and meeting the growing terrorist threat.

[AllAfrica] 19/04/2016

Southern Africa: Why Little-Known Humpback Dolphins Need Protection

[The Conversation Africa] When discussing my research on humpback dolphins people often think I mean the humpback whale. The humpback dolphin is probably the least-known marine mammal of Africa. It lives close to shore, just behind the breakers in waters up to about 20m deep. Humpback dolphins (…)

[AllAfrica] 19/04/2016

New cloud platform offers African SMEs greater convenience

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been recognised as a key sector of local economies, particularly in emerging markets, where formal SMEs contribute up to 45% of total employment and up to 33% of GDP. In a bid to create greater efficiencies, as well as enable the growth of this sector, (…)

[IT News Africa] 19/04/2016

Buyer demand drives double digit growth in Kenya’s housing market

House sales leapt 4.2 per cent in the first quarter of the year, while the number of new listings increased by14.6 per cent on a year earlier – marking the industry’s first double digit annual growth in five years. Although more people are buying in 2016, increased supply of apartments has so far kept competition…

[The African Business Fortune] 19/04/2016

Somalia: Witnesses – Hundreds of East African Migrants Drown at Sea

[VOA] Hundreds of East African migrants are believed dead after their boat capsized in the eastern Mediterranean. Witnesses and survivors told VOA Monday that the vessel overturned while carrying as many as 500 people. An unknown number swam to boats nearby and were later picked up and taken to (…)

[AllAfrica] 19/04/2016

Philips appoints new distributor in Africa

Philips TV has added a new distribution partner, FondiVersal Technology, to handle its sales and distribution throughout Africa. The distribution deal was completed through Philips’ Singapore affiliate, TP Vision Singapore. According to Phillips, FondiVersal will provide sales and distribution (…)

[IT News Africa] 19/04/2016

Staying one step ahead of information security threats

In the recent Price Waterhouse Coopers’ Global State of Information Security Survey 2016, 41.44% of companies in South Africa and the Middle East reported that they had detected 50 or more cybersecurity incidents in the past 12 months. This was in comparison to the global total of 31.59%. A (…)

[IT News Africa] 19/04/2016

Africa: US Envoy’s Motorcade Hits and Kills Boy in Cameroon

[Al Jazeera] UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s trip to Cameroon’s front lines in the war against Boko Haram has started horrifically as an armoured jeep in her motorcade struck and killed a young boy who darted onto the road.

[AllAfrica] 19/04/2016

Kenya: Focus On Justice for Lake Victoria

[East African] Argued about, fought over, named after a long dead British queen by a long dead British explorer, Lake Victoria is owned in part by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and is the largest lake in Africa.

[AllAfrica] 19/04/2016

‘Term limits are no magic bullet’

Dr Frederick Golooba-Mutebi DR FREDERICK GOLOOBA-MUTEBI is a renowned international re- searcher and political commentator with operations in Uganda and Rwanda. Not a fan of term limits, Golooba-Mutebi tells Richard M Kavuma that Africa should chart its own course. Africa has lately witnessed (…)

[The Observer] 19/04/2016

Term limits: the people can prevail

Dr Boniface Dulani Part 3 of our special report on term limits in Africa features scholars with contrasting views on the issue. DR BONIFACE DULANI is a Malawian political scientist, who has extensively researched the issue of term limits in Africa. In this email interview, he tells Richard M (…)

[The Observer] 19/04/2016

120 Malawians Deported By South African Govt Finally Arrive Home

Over 120 Malawians that were deported by the South African government have arrived in the country through Dedza border post on Sunday. Dedza immigration department public relations officer James Tambula told MBC that the deportees were arrested in the rainbow national for overstaying and (…)

[Malawi Voice] 18/04/2016

Is Home Automation the new frontier in convenience?

Not all that long ago smart phones were introduced into the market, now it seems almost incomprehensible that there ever was a way of life before them. With 91.7% of all phone users in South Africa owning a smart phone, it is seen as fairly retro if you don’t possess one. One of the next (…)

[IT News Africa] 18/04/2016

Africa: A World Drowning in Oil

[IPS] Doha -Thanks to tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, major oil producers couldn’t come to an agreement in Doha to freeze their output to January levels to raise oil prices. The current low oil prices have a lot to do with the grim outlook for global economic growth while supply is (…)

[AllAfrica] 18/04/2016

Africa: Does Premature Paris Climate Deal Risk a Painful Birth?

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Barcelona -When ministers and climate change negotiators from the world’s poorest countries gathered in Kinshasa recently, they were dismayed at a proposal from the Third World Network (TWN) urging them not to rush into signing the new Paris climate agreement at a (…)

[AllAfrica] 18/04/2016

APA’s Sh250m MasterCard funding to set up insurance products for rural dwellers

APA Insurance has received a Sh252 million ($2.5 million) funding from the MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity to increase incomes and well-being of smallholder farmers in Kenya through targeted micro-insurance products. APA is the first insurance company to receive such funding in Kenya. The funding, which…

[The African Business Fortune] 18/04/2016

Somalia: More Than 200 Somalis Drowned in Mediterranean

[Shabelle] Dozens of African migrants have reportedly drowned after a boat carrying 400 people capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the 400 migrants aboard the boat were fleeing from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea and had been hoping to reach (…)

[AllAfrica] 18/04/2016

Samsung KNOX receives most ratings

A recently released Gartner, Inc. report has awarded Samsung Electronics’ KNOX 2.6, a built-in defense grade security feature, the most “Strong” ratings of any mobile security platform for its Corporate Managed Security. The report, ‘Mobile Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms’, compared the core OS…

[The African Business Fortune] 18/04/2016

Fastjet wins at World Travel Awards

Fastjet, the low-cost pan-African airline, won Africa’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Award at the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards held in Zanzibar, Tanzania this month. The globally recognized World Travel Awards set out to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all key sectors of the travel tourism &…

[The African Business Fortune] 18/04/2016

V.C commends University of Ghana

Prof. AbdulGaniyu Ambali, the Vice-Chancellor (V.C), University of Ilorin (Unilorin), has commended the University of Ghana, Legon Boundary in Accra, for partnering Unilorin in its UG-Pan African Doctoral Academy (UG-PADA) programme. Ambali gave the commendation on Monday in Ilorin when he (…)

[The Nation] 18/04/2016

Kenya: It Really Is About Dicks

[African Arguments] My claim is not that women’s rights matter more than any other political issue. My claim is that Kenyan politics and analysis is dominated by toxic masculinities.

[AllAfrica] 18/04/2016

Oil route: Uganda chooses Tanzania

Oil pipeline route options The oil pipeline route puzzle has been solved, with Uganda choosing to export her crude oil to the East African coast through Tanzania and not Kenya, The Observer can reveal. Uganda’s position is contained in a draft report dated April 11, 2016, a copy of which this (…)

[The Observer] 18/04/2016

Currency hedging takes on new importance

CURRENCY hedging takes on new importance both in South Africa and Swaziland as the rand/lilangeni is expected to remain at low levels.

[The Swazi Observer] 18/04/2016

Kenya: Case to Decriminalise Gay Sex Filed in High Court

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -A gay rights campaigner filed a case in Kenya’s High Court on Friday calling for the decriminalisation of gay sex, which is punishable by 14 years in jail in the conservative east African (…)

[AllAfrica] 18/04/2016

Africa: Blacks Cannot Be Racist – a Reply

[Fahamu] It is not correct to say that racism is a problem affecting black people only. Regardless of whether or not they have the means and advantages of history to institutionalize racism, black people can be racist.

[AllAfrica] 18/04/2016

Can SMBs remain competitive with managed hosting services?

The number of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are growing across the Middle East and Africa and are bringing along increased competition. Forward thinking SMB owners and managements are strategically embracing technology to streamline processes and restructure their business models for (…)

[IT News Africa] 18/04/2016

Zimbabwe: Supporters Want More for Mighty Warriors

[The Herald] THE Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association have pleaded with ZIFA to avail more resources to the history-making women’s football team to help them prepare well for the Rio Olympic Games and the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations (…)

[AllAfrica] 18/04/2016