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Eid Delights on the

by August 31, 2017 General

All that hectic revelry during Eid can be quite exhausting. There’s nothing quite like putting your tired feet up and taking in your favourite TV shows — special TV plays, tele-films, musical performances, variety shows and much more.

Here’s what’s in store on the first three days:

ATN Bangla

Variety show “Panchforon” 

Renowned television production house Fagun Audio Vision has produced variety show “Panchforon” this Eid-ul-Azha. The show will feature grandiose skits, documentaries, dance number, songs and more. It starts with a talk show feasturing actors Mir Sabbir and Sazu Khadem. It also contains songs by Fahmida Nabi, Protik Hasan and Oishyee. A folk dance, a TV reporting segment, a musical documentary and more will also be part of the magazine show, which will be broadcast on 2nd day of Eid at 10:30pm. 

Single-episode play “Bhul Koro Na, Bhul Dharona”

Hanif Sanket, like every year, has produced an Eid special drama for ATN Bangla, titled ”Bhul Koro Na, Bhul Dharona”. The fiction stars Mir Sabbir, Sarika Sabrin, Syeed Babu, Bonna Mirza, Subhashish Bhowmick, Shelly Ahsan, Nazrul Islam and more. It was written and directed by Hanif Sanket. The story revolves around a young man who travels to Dhaka from abroad for Eid holidays, and chooses to move in with his friend throughout the vacation. He meets his friend’s sister-in-law there. “Bhul Koro Na, Bhul Dharona” will air Eid day at 8:30pm.

Channel i

Tele-film “Na Jagotik Na Purush”

Bringing in a week of Eid ul Azha festivities, Channel i will air the Mahmud Didar-scripted and helmed tele-film “Na Jagotik Na Purush” on Eid day at 11:30pm. The main cast includes Shabnam Faria, Prova, Emon, Jibon Roi, Tariq Anam Khan and more. The story revolves around two men, Dhrubo and Dipto, and their political activism and adventures. Through the narrative, a connection becomes evident between the two, as stories begin to surface.

Single-episode TV play “Muktajhora Hashi”

On the second day of Eid ul Azha, Channel i will air single-episode TV play titled “Muktajhora Hashi” at 7:50pm. Scripted by Doyal Saha and directed by Sazzad Emon, the cast of actors include Mehazabein, Chanchal Chowhdury, Mamunur Rashid, Faruk Ahmed and more. The narrative centres on the idyllic rural life in a village, where Poribanu resides. Her family members rush towards various arrangements in their home, readying it for guests who will determine Poribanu’s future. The guests eventually arrive, and the story moves forward. 

Ekushey TV

Single-episode play “Tomar Jonno Duisho Kathbeli” 

As part of their Eid special programmes, Ekushey TV will air single-episode play “Tomar Jonno Duisho Kathbeli” at 9:20pm on the second day of Eid. Written by Aronno Anwar and directed by Sokal Ahmed, it casts Mahfuz Ahmed, Nadia Ahmed, Zayeed Babu and others. The play zooms in on two brothers who grew up in a village in Barisal and travels to Nepal for the first time. They find amazement in everything they see, even more so when a Bangladeshi girl checks in at the same hotel they are staying in. The younger brother becomes very interested in the girl, but his elder brother stops him every time he tries to start a conversation with her. Amidst all this, the girl’s husband arrives at the hotel one day. 

Momtaz on “Phono Live Studio Concert”

Ekushey TV will air a series of live studio concerts marking Eid-ul-Azha, and as part of that, renowned folk singer Momtaz will be the featured live performer on the third day of Eid. Audience tuned in to the show can call in directly to the show and talk to the artiste, as well request their favourite songs. Momtaz will share various aspects of her musical and personal life on the show aside from singing her hits. The programme, produced by Asaduzzaman Asad and Masuduzzaman Sohag, will be broadcast at 11:30am. 


Tele-film “Batch 27: The Last Page” 

Apurbo, Mithila and Mehzabien-starrer tele-film “Batch 27: The Last Page” will air on ntv on the third day of Eid at 2:20pm. Written by Mizanur Rahman Aryan, it also casts Kayes Chowdhury, Mili Basher and Ananda Khalid in supporting roles. The tele-film is a sequel to tele-film “Batch 27” aired on the previous Eid, and continues the story forward. Ayon settles his life after the turmoil, and meets Saira while visiting a resort. Their marriage is arranged from the family, but then Ayon finds out that his former lover Zerin’s husband has gone missing while flying an airplane from Singapore to Vietnam. Ayon gets distant from Saira and wants to be with Zerin, but when Zerin finds out Ayon’s marriage is fixed, she decides to move away from the scene. 

Single-episode drama “Urre Jawar Kaal” 

On the second day of Eid, ntv will air a single-episode play “Urre Jawar Kaal” at 11:10pm. Sadia Jahan Prova, Sajal Noor, Shunno Mati and Sujata star in the play written and directed by Mahmud Didar. The story revolves around a girl named Nandini, who has to take many hassles to come to college. She has to take a boat and then a bus, and often gets late to class. While other teachers punish her, her new teacher Munia becomes an inspiration for her. At one point, the college’s most conservative teacher Harun also takes her side, and eventually she learns to believe in herself. 


Mini TV series “Married Life E Average Aslam”

Starting from Eid day to seventh day, a mini TV series — “Married Life E Average Aslam” will go on air at 6:30pm every day. Written and directed by Sagar Jahan, the cast of the TV serial includes, Mosharraf Karim, Shokh, Golam Farida Chhanda, Shamima Naznin and Faruk Ahmed. It is a continuation of the popular “Average Aslam” series of TV plays that have been airing every Eid in recent years. The story of the serial circles various experiences of Aslam’s life after marriage. 

Single-episode TV Play “Toke Bhalobeshe”

Starring Mehzabien and Siam, single-episode TV play “Toke Bhalobeshe” will air on the second day of Eid at 7:55pm. Written by Shrabani Ferdous and directed by Shuvro Khan, the story of the play revolves around a love story between Labanya and Amit. The duo falls in love and gets confused afterwards. Yet they decide to marry each other, but at the end of the day they think otherwise.  

Desh TV

Mini TV Series “To Be or Not To Be”

Starting from Eid Day, a weeklong mini TV series “To Be or Not To Be” will be aired everyday at 5:45pm on Desh TV. Written and directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul, the cast of the series includes Shatabdi Wadud, Sajal, Niloy Alamgir, Runa khan, Moushumi Hamid and others. The story of the series revolves around thee friends – Simon, , Sadik and Muhit. They go on a visit to hills. At night in the hills, they decide to start playing a mind game where they share not only the tales of virtues but also vices of their lives.   

Single-episode TV play “Married Bachelor”

Single-episode TV Play “Married Bachelor” will air on Eid day at 8:45pm. The story of the play circles Hasan, who is married but leads life like a bachelor. The lazy, unmotivated man lives in separation from his wife, and one day a girl rushes into her house and asks him to help her. Hasan doesn’t want to let the girl in, but she blackmails her into it. The girl says she has abandoned her wedding, and shows no sign of leaving. Hasan calls his friends for help but they turn on him, and at one point Elora arrives at the house to see the messed-up situation. The play, written and directed vby Alvi Ahmed and starring Lutfar Rahman George, Elora Gowher and Tanzika, will air at 8:45pm on Eid day. 


Single-episode plays on “Bhalobashar Shourobher Golpo”

Beauty care brand Lux is producing an array of love stories for the delight of the spectators this Eid. Starting from Eid day to the seventh day, “Lux Bhalobashar Shourobher Golpo” will be aired 10:05pm daily airing shows by seven directors Shihab Shaheen, Redoan Rony, Shafayat Mansoor Rana, Mabrur Rashid Banna, Imraul Rafat, Tania Ahmed and Tauquir Ahmed. The stars who are to perform in the shows include, Purnima, Mithila, Mehzabien, Maria Nur, Safa Kabir and Mamo. 

Celeb show “Ebong Shakib Khan”

Celebrity Show “Ebong Shakib Khan” will air on the second and third day of Eid at 5:20pm every day. Hosted by Maria Nur and produced by Sohel Rana Bidyut, the featured celebrities of the show are Shakib Khan and Bubly. Alongside his acting career, Shakib Khan will share many aspects of his personal life. On the other hand, Bubly will share her thoughts on films and future plans.


Maasranga Television

Comedy miniseries “Friend Request”

Maasranga TV is ringing in Eid ul Azha festivities with the airing of seven-episode drama series “Friend Request”. Directed by Khairul Papon and scripted by Shahriar Tasdiq, the play will be aired from the first day of Eid until the seventh day at 7:30pm. The main cast includes Intekhab Dinar, Sazu Khadem, Arfaan Ahmed, Tanzika Amin, Tasnuva Elvin, and more. Three friends go on a trip to Cox’s Bazaar, determined to have fun without the added hassle of seeking romantic partners. However, in a humorous turn of events, their plans fail as each of them become more embroiled with women; one saves a girl from a gang assault, while the second becomes the victim of the wiles of two female friends. The third is noticed by his girlfriend’s older brother, who works as a detective. 

Single episode drama “Bakhtiar er Bike”

On the third day of Eid ul Azha, Maasranga TV will air single-episode TV play “Bakhtiar er Bike”. Scripted by Palash Mahbub and directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud, the play will be aired on the third day of Eid at 10:30pm. The main cast includes FS Nayeem, Sohana Saba and Hindol Roy. Bakhtiar is a young man living in a village with a heroic mission. He takes it upon himself to save lives by transporting the sick and indisposed to the hospital on his bike. As his popularity grows, so does the village chairman’s animosity towards him, as his insecurities make him feel Bakhtiar’s success will thwart his chances at winning the elections. 

Ekattor TV 

Special interview with Razzak on Ekattor TV 

A special Eid interview-based programme will feature Nayakraj Razzak in “Ekattor er Shokal”. The shooting for this interview was done a few months before his passing, in his residence Lokkhikunjo, and it went on for a few days. On the show, Nayakraj spoke about his life in Kolkata, his youth, his days at school, football matches, theatre, friends from the yesteryears and more. Along with that, he also spoke about his coming to Dhaka for the first time, the struggle he had to go through, working as an assistant director, and how he came so far after working so hard, he didn’t hold back on anything. The programme will be aired on the second and third days of Eid-ul-Azha from 7am to 8am.


Children’s Special “Eid Ananda Bhuban”

To give children more joy and entertainment on Eid, SATV has produced a specual show titled “Eid Ananda Bhuban” for this year’s Eid-ul-Azha. The show will involve an Eid chorus song, magic shows, dance presentations by children, games, quizzes and more. This two-episode programme was produced by Mizan Rahman. “Eid Ananda Bhuban” will air on the first two days of Eid at 9:30 pm.

Single-episode play “Golper Sheshe Tumi” 

Single-episode TV play “Golper Sheshe Tumi” will air on Eid day at 8:45pm on SATV. Written and directed jointly by Mabrur Rashid Bannah and Iftekhar Ahmed Oshin, it casts Anika Kabir Shokh and Irfan Sajjad in the leading roles. Mifta is a hyperactive and short-tempered young man in the play, whose only friend and pacifier is Arnob. There is also Mifta’s girlfriend, Aditi, who is supportive and caring toward him. She one day tries to find out why Mifta is so rude to his father, and Mifta says he blames his father for his mother’s death. 

Channel 9

Tele-film “Abdus Sultan”

Channel 9 is airing tele-film “Abdus Sultan” on the first day of Eid at 8:45pm. Scripted by Mezbauddin Sumon and directed by Hemel Ashraf, the main cast includes Mishu Sabbir, Sabila Nur, and others. A fearsome landlady becomes the bane of everyone’s existence in her neighbourhood, particularly her tenants’. She enjoys bickering with others over petty issues, and prefers to rent out her property to bachelors knowing she can charge them higher fees, and control them through strict rules. Along comes Raju, who has very little regard for her regulations, which end in frequent quarrels. The plot thickens when Raju meets his landlady’s beautiful daughter, and becomes attracted to her. 

Single-episode TV play “Dekha Dekhi”

On the first day of Eid ul Azha festivals, Channel 9 will air single-episode play “Dekha Dekhi” at 7:30pm. Scripted and directed by Kajal Arefin Omi, the main cast includes Sajal and Tanzin Tisha in the starring roles. The plot of “Dekha Dekhi” revolves around Raha, whose father pressures her to marry and settle down. However, none of the suitors are to her liking, and she keeps rejecting everyone. She desires someone who can share a close companionship with her, rather than just be a good husband. Meanwhile, Emon faces the same struggles as his mother nags him to find a good wife. Emon and Raha’s paths eventually cross as their families introduce them to one another, and after some time, they decide to marry. However, in a turn of events the families clash, which threatens the impending wedding.  


Single-episode TV Play “Happy Family”  

Single-episode TV Play “Happy Family” will go on air at 6pm on Eid Day. Written by Brindaban Das and directed by Dipu Hazra, the play sheds light on local dialects and tales. The cast of the play includes Chanchal Chowdhury, Farhana Mili, Fazlur Rahman Babu and Shahnaz Khushi. 

Tele-film “Rupali-Dipali”

Tele-film “Rupali-Dipali” will be aired at 11:50pm on the third day of Eid. Written and directed by veteran actor Abul Hayat, the cast of the Tele-film includes Rawnak Hasan, Moushumi Hamid and Tariq Anam Khan. 

Asian TV 

“Celebrity Cook” with seven stars

From the first day of Eid-ul-Azha till the seventh day, Asian TV will air a special Eid cooking show called “Celebrity Cook” with different stars each day. The programme will be hosted by Srabonno Towhida. The celebrities who will be in the show — actors Purnima, Mehzabien, Irin and Hira, and singers Ankhi Alamgir, Kona and Kornia, will be cooking alongside the chefs of different 5-star hotels. The programme is produced by Tanvir Tonmoy. “Celebrity Cook” will be aired throughout the first week of Eid, at 2:05pm.

Single-episode drama “Hothat Prem Onek Bhalobasha” 

This Eid, Asian Tv will air a one-off drama titled “Hothat Prem Onek Bhalobasha”. Written and directed by SA Haque Alik, it stars Purnima and Nayeem in the starring roles. The story revolves around a couple who get together on a pseudo-marriage, but both start to develop feelings for each other eventually. Even though the couple had agreed to not bother about their partner, doubts begin to set in their family life and matters get complicated. “Hothat Prem Onek Bhalobasha” will air at 8pm on the third day of Eid, at 8pm. 

Deepto TV 

Miniseries “Goyenda Mama” 

“Goyenda Mama” is an Eid special three-episode long drama series. It has been written and directed by Tuhin Hossain, and stars Mosharraf Karim, Tahsin and Golam Kibria. The story is about Masud Mazhar, better known as ‘mama’, who fails at everything in life and decides to become a detective. The size of his belly keeps people from taking him seriously. When the beautiful Papri shows faith in him and asks him to search for her lost cat, ‘mama’ realizes that this is a case he must solve with the heart, not the head. “Goyenda Mama” will air from the first to the third day of Eid, at 9:30pm.

Miniseries “Fande Poriya Boga Kande” 

Three-episode series “Fande Poriya Boga Kande” revolves around a group of Bangladeshi travelers in Nepal, who come across each other through various incidents. Written and directed by RB Pritom, the series’ cast includes Iresh Zaker, Sabnam Faria, Sazu Khadem, Arfan Ahmed, Nabila Islam, Sanjida Tanmoy and others. Produced by Tom Creations, the series is set to air on Deepto TV this Eid, from the first to the third day at 5pm.