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Sunday, September 27th, 2020

EQS-News: Sandpiper Digital Payments AG announces unaudited semiannual figures for 2016

by August 31, 2016 General
EQS Group-News: Sandpiper Digital Payments AG / Key word(s): Half Year 
Sandpiper Digital Payments AG announces unaudited semiannual figures for 
2016-08-31 / 23:45 
*SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG announces unaudited semiannual figures for 
*- Total operating income at EUR 11.2m (previous year: EUR 9.9m)* 
- *Continued its international growth strategy* 
- *New acquisitions supporting the group strategy* 
- *Operating result (Swiss GAAP FER) at EUR -2.1m (previous year: EUR 
St. Gallen, August 31, 2016 - SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG (BX Berne 
eXchange, ticker: SDP, [1], Open Market, Frankfurt, ISIN: 
CH0033050961), announces the unaudited consolidated interim financial 
statements according to Swiss GAAP FER for the first half year 2016. 
In the first half of 2016, SANDPIPER Digital Payments continued its 
international growth strategy. In January SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG 
purchased a mayority of IDpendant GmbH ( [2]). IDpendant 
GmbH specializes in IT security solutions, smart cards and USB tokens. It is 
independent of all manufacturers and offers a wide range of services, 
including authentication technology, client security products, single 
sign-on systems, encryption solutions, card and mobile device management 
systems as well as security hardware. 
SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG increased its stake in PlayPass from 23% to 
39%. PlayPass NV, [3], is the leading festival solution 
company providing contactless solutions for cashless payments, 
accreditation, access management and brand activation. PlayPass NV is 
executing their internationalization strategy and managed to secure market 
entry into the UK market. PlayPass equips the 2016 edition of the dance 
festival "Eastern Electric" at Hatfield House and has recently been 
nominated for Startup of the Year in Belgium. SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG 
strengthened its position in the cashless festival solution sector by 
founding SANDPIPER Asia Ltd and taking over the assets of Singapore-based 
GoGorilla Ltd., the leading festival solution provider in South East Asia. 
By the end of June the residual shares of Ergonomics AG were purchased. 
SANDPIPER Digital Payment owns now 100% of the shares (prior year 51%). 
Ergonomics is a leading Swiss IT solutions provider in the areas of 
electronic payment and IT security. For 25 years, Ergonomics has been 
implementing bespoke software solutions for financial institutions, 
government agencies, retail, trading companies and manufacturing. 
SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG increased its stake in InterCard AG 
Informationssysteme from 40% to 50.4%. InterCard is the market leader for 
multifunctional card systems for universities, institutions of higher 
education and other educational institutions in Germany. Over 150 
universities, institutions of higher education and student services in 
Germany alone have put their trust in the high security standard and the 
reliability of the InterCard systems. 
According to Swiss GAAP FER, SANDPIPER ends June 30th, 2016 with a net loss 
of EUR 
-3.6m (previous year: EUR -0.6m). The company generated revenues in the 
amount of EUR 11.1m (previous year: EUR 9.8m). Operating expenses were in 
the amount of EUR -13.3m (previous year: EUR -11.0m). They mainly consist of 
material expenses (EUR 5.2m), personnel expenses (EUR 5.5m), and other 
operating expenses (EUR 2.0m). Earnings before interests and taxes (EBIT) 
decreased from EUR -0.7m to EUR -2.1m. Operating result decreased from EUR 
-1.1m to EUR -2.1m. 
Shareholders equity attributable to SANDPIPER's shareholders decreased from 
EUR -3.6m as of December 31, 2015 to EUR -11.4m mainly because of the loss 
incurred and goodwill offsetting. 
The NAV per share is at EUR -0.07 (shareholders' equity divided through the 
number of shares at the end of the period). The holding's balance sheet 
total is at EUR 16.9m (December 31st, 2015: EUR 14.3m). Basic and diluted 
earnings per share are EUR -0.02 (prior year EUR -0.00). 
The market for digital payments is driven by innovations, such as value 
added services and mobile applications. SANDPIPER expects that the dynamics 
continue throughout 2016 offering great potential for the execution of 
SANDPIPER's buy & build strategy. 
SANDPIPER's excellent client access, the large customer base of more than 6 
million users, the modular solution offering and the dynamic market growth 
facilitates the future growth in the business segments for Sports & Events, 
Campus & Corporation, Retail & Leisure as well as Security & Services. 
Recently, Sandpiper has also launched mobile payment solution which is 
operational in soccer stadiums and multifunctional arenas. 
SANDPIPER has secured market access to South America, China, South East Asia 
and Australia and expands its geographic footprint in 2016, with revenues 
materializing in the second half of the year. 
The integration and harmonization of SANDPIPER's group companies continues 
while the SANDPIPER brand is strengthened. 
The unaudited interim financial statements as per June 30, 2016 according to 
Swiss GAAP FER can be downloaded on the website. 
*About SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG* 
SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG, [1], is a stock-listed 
technology holding based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The company is focused 
on the consolidation of the fragmented payment landscape in Europe by 
pursuing a "buy & build" strategy in the area of digital cashless payments 
and access control. SANDPIPER was established as a special purpose 
acquisition company in early 2014. The shares are listed on Berne Stock 
SANDPIPER is already today one of the largest providers of closed-loop 
payment systems in Europe. SANDPIPER solutions provide safe and intuitive 
payment technologies based on RFID/NFC and mobile applications for markets 
such as Retail, Education, Stadium, and Events. 
Contact: Volker Rofalski; Tel: +41-44-78380 30; Fax: +41-44-78380 40; 
website: [1] 
Additional features: 
Document: [4] 
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