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Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Ethiopian Airlines Reports 10 Percent Jump (

by August 9, 2015 Aviation

Ethiopian Airlines has announced a 10% growth in revenues in the financial year ending June 30th, 2015 writes SAM OKWAKOL.

Addressing a news conference recently, Area Manager Ethiopian Airlines Uganda, Abebe Angessa (pictured right), said, “We recorded 10% growth in revenue this financial year and an uplift in terms of numbers of passengers using Entebbe Airport to fly out of the country from 62,000 last year to 72,000 this year which represented 15% growth in foreign flights in the local Ugandan market. Generally, last year was a successful and profitable Year for Ethiopian Airline.”

Abebe attributed their success to the existence of quality services at Entebbe International Airport such as good ground handling services, state-of-the-art catering services and quality airport facilities, to mention but a few. “Ground handling, catering, CAA landing, and navigation airport facility providers, have done their best in the now concluded year.” Abebe said.

He said the strategy employed by the airline also made them perform well. This involved offering clients with affordable prices across all destinations, emphasis on safety and the establishment of an academy that trains highly qualified pilots and other staff.

Ethiopian Airlines has weighed in to take advantage of British Airways recent announcement to halt Entebbe flights.

“We are ready to fill the gap left by the British Airways. We have instituted daily flights from Entebbe to London through Addis-ababa. We have also instituted a direct flight from Entebbe to Juba every day, this was initially one of the destinations of the British Airways but we have taken it up.” Abebe said.

He said Ethiopian Airlines also has plans for a direct flight from Entebbe to Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). However the DRC government has not given its approval yet. He said negotiations are still carrying on.

Ethiopian is one of the oldest airlines in Africa. According to Abebe, no other airline can match Ethiopian Airlines in terms frequency, types of aircraft from small to larger a/c operation to and from Entebbe.

He said future plans are to make Uganda an important destination for Ethiopian Airlines, and as one of 52 destinations in Africa. “Ethiopian Airlines will continue spreading its wings, link Uganda with developed and developing countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, American, and Middle East,” Abebe said.

He said more destinations provide better choices for customers business, tourism and trade travels requirements. “As from next winter 2015/16 schedule, we will add frequency to 4 flights per day for travellers. Based on Uganda aviation airport development, we would like to play role in Uganda tourism and trade.” Abebe said.

Currently Ethiopian airlines operate 101 global destinations and can boasts of having one of the most modern fleets, including the Boeing Dreamliner. Through their code share agreement with Singapore, Indian and China Airlines and provide connectivity to cities served by othe code share and Star Alliance partners.