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Exhibition of Islamic Calligraphic Art by A Pakistani Artist to Open in Berlin

by July 14, 2014 General
Exhibition of Islamic Calligraphic Art by A Pakistani Artist to Open in Berlin
Press Release No: 86
Dated: 7/13/2014

An exhibition of Islamic Calligraphic Art work by a Pakistani Artist and Sculptor, Mr. Anjum Ayaz will open tomorrow, Monday in Berlin. 27 pieces of calligraphic art work artistically inscribed with selected verses from the Holy Quran have been put on display. The artist has specially created these pieces of art in a complete new style combining the modern art and the classical calligraphy for this exhibition during the holy month of Ramadan, organized by the Pakistan Embassy. The Exhibition will remain open till July 17, 2014, says a press release received here today from Berlin.History of Islamic Calligraphy in Pakistan is as old as the arrival of Islam in south Asia. Calligraphic designs are not only drawn on paper and animal hide but also cast in masonry on the walls of Mosques, Shrines and Palaces, and embossed on clay. One of the oldest surviving specimens of Islamic Calligraphy dated C.907 CE, was found in Thatta, Pakistan.

Mr. Anjum Ayaz is a well known sculptor and artist whose art work has been exhibited in London, Paris, Sydney, New York, Singapore, Dubai and Beijing. He chiseled 18 feet high marble sculpture “Life” at China International Sculpture Exhibition and Symposium in 2002 and is placed in the Sculpture Garden in Beijing. Graduated in Fine arts, Mr. Anjum Ayaz worked with the world famous Painter Sadequien on Calligraphic Paintings for over 3 years and mastered in this form of art besides stone and Bronze Sculpture.