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Explore alternatives, say Singapore experts

by July 20, 2017 General

Experts from the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC-Singapore), who have been actively involved in designing the master plan for Amaravati, suggested that officials of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (AP-CRDA) look for sources of drinking water that are alternative to the River Krishna keeping the future requirements in view.

On the last day of the four-day workshop on Amaravati master plans organised by CRDA on Thursday, CLC Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye and Senior Deputy Director Aloha Tan expressed the opinion that there should be sources (apart from the River Krishna) of drinking water and necessary arrangements should be planned now itself. The three reservoirs proposed to be built in the capital region should also serve the above purpose to some extent.

The CRDA officials were told that instead of setting up waste water treatment plants in 13 zones, it would be ideal to have a smaller number of them of bigger size so that the maintenance would be cheaper.

Common authority

The CLC delegation has also suggested that it would be best to have a common authority for drinking water supply, flood management and handling storm water and waste water. CRDA Director (Planning) R. Ramakrishna Rao, Additional Director (Procurement) T. Anjaneyulu, Chief Engineer K. Rajendra Prasad, Principal Planners (Traffic and Transportation) N.R. Aravind and N.V.R.K. Prasad (Infrastructure) and ADC Head (Infrastructure) K. Ganesh Babu were present. Another workshop is to be conducted to make improvisations in the detailed master plan and infrastructure plan.