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Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Extremist terrorism fresh challenge for Singapore to tackle, says Lee

by August 9, 2016 General

SINGAPORE: Extremist terrorism is one of the fresh challenges outlined by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (pic) in his National Day message.

Singapore celebrates its 51th birthday Tuesday.

“We have a harmonious multi-racial society, but extremist terrorism can tear our society apart,” Lee said.

He highlighted that in recent months, IS-inspired terrorists perpetrated attacks in the US, Europe, Turkey, Bangladesh, and closer to home, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“There will be more. We know Singapore is also being targeted. We have detained selfradicalised Singaporeans and foreign workers. If a terrorist attack were to occur here, will we stand together, or will we fall apart?

“We acknowledge the threat honestly.

“Muslim Singaporeans are not afraid to take a forthright stand, to condemn terrorist attacks and the perverted ideology of the perpetrators.

“And non-Muslim Singaporeans distinguish clearly between their peaceful Muslim fellow citizens and jihadist terrorists. Thus we stand together, and strengthen trust in our multi-religious society,” he said.

Lee said the most fundamental factor in keeping Singapore exceptional was not good plans or adequate resources.

“It is whether we remain united. It is our shared resolve to tackle challenges together that determines whether we succeed, and whether our children have a brighter future,” he said.

Two other fresh challenges recognised by Singapore are continued prosperity in the midst of globalisation and technological change, and ensuring clean and constructive politics, an effective as well as stable government. – Bernama

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