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Friday, September 25th, 2020

Family travels for the love of Fijian rugby

by April 15, 2017 General

VERESI Vilawa and her two children have been following the Fiji 7s team almost every 7s tournament for the past two years.

This newspaper caught up with the family in Singapore as they were preparing to cheer the Fijian gladiators this weekend.

Vilawa said they had spent thousands of dollars following the Fiji 7s team with no regrets.

She said her children always loved the Fijian 7s team which was the main reason they followed the team.

“We lived in the United Kingdom and we have been following the Fiji 7s team since the 2015 Dubai 7s,” said Vilawa.

“We are doing this for the kids, they are born in the UK but their hearts are for Fiji.

“My son wants to become a rugby rep and to play for Fiji.”

She said her best moment with the Fiji 7s team was during the gold medal win in Rio.

“My best moment was when we won in Rio.”

“Also the Hong Kong 7s last week was special and my two children were happy to see Fiji win.

“These two kids nearly know all the Fijian players and the Fijian boys also know them, even Kolinisau calls my son Ratu.

“So for us we did not regret spending thousands of dollars because we love our team,” she added.