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Few best years still ahead of me: Pankaj Advani

by December 20, 2016 General

India’s ace cueist Pankaj Advani reflected on his juggling skills between formats, saying he’s glad with how he has been adjusting from shorter to longer formats and vice versa.

“I am so happy I have been able to win world titles in all formats; the short format in snooker – a six-red or 15-red – or point-format in billiards or the traditional. The techniques, scoring pattern and approach are different,” he said.

He further stated that snooker and billiards are poles apart, with the former being a more hit and run game and more tactical, and the latter billiards involving long periods of concentration, endurance and flow.

“They are completely different sports and that’s the biggest challenge – juggling between them, just like two wives. I am enjoying, as it keeps me on my toes,” said Advani.

Advani, who recently won his 16th World Billiards Championships in Singapore recently, said that he is happy with his performance and that he can still carry on for a few more years.

“I am enjoying my game. They normally say snooker and billiards players are at their peak between 28 and 32 and I am 31 now. A few best years are still ahead of me,” he continued.

“It’s never easy to win a major title the more you win, the more are the expectations. Competitors are getting sharper and people expect nothing else than the gold medal. I am glad I am able to perform consistently year after year.”