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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Gangs are never good? Discuss!

by October 16, 2016 General

The Tribal Huks  based them selves on the  Huk Resistance movement in Singapore during WW2 against the japs. They chose the name because they were a group banding together against the Mongrel mob and Head Hunters who were pretty much terrorizing Ngarauwahia in the early 70’s.

The guy in charge is no angel but he has always been against P and that is what the gang is fully against now.They just don’t want that **** foisted onto their kids,and I don’t bloody blame them one bit.Only crimes he has ever been charged with was ganja use and beating up a meth dealer who offered his daughter a joint that turned out to be laced with P.

Im usually Fully against gangs as I think they are in general just criminal scum BUT, these guys actions over the past 5 years have me thinking. 

You see, I live in Cambridge and have 3 kids at high school and one more about to go there. Drugs including P are rife there,i would say 2/4 kids are Heavily into ganja_ie smoke it before school,during school and after as well most days and all weekend sessions) and at least 1 in 5 would be doing P. It is being mostly supplied by the local headhunters son and a few other scumbags.

My feelings on people offering P to my kids makes me want to invite the huks to offer the same reception to the dealers here, and I would glady join them enforcing it.  The cops here turn a blind eye to it,totally hands off attitude.

From what I understand,Tauranga has a massive P issue as well and the police are also powerless, more so as its lawyers,police ,council members etc etc involved in using and selling P themselves and its only going to get worse.

Who else is going to sort this issue out ? the cops don’t do crapall,and even when they do the courts are a total joke.  Im thinking more and more that the phillipines president has the right idea on declaring open season on drug dealers.