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Germans have world’s most powerful passports once again

by January 12, 2018 General

The 2018 Henley Passport Index— which is based on the number of countries various passport holders can enter without a visa—has ranked the German passport as the world’s most powerful.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Germany has taken the top spot.

The German passport provides visa-free entry to 177 countries, an increase from 176 last year. The Singaporean passport ranks second, with holders having access to 176 countries without requiring a visa.

Rankings of Southeast Asian countries have remained relatively stable. On the global scale, Indonesia moved up seven places to rank 72nd, after countries liked Qatar relaxed visa restrictions for Indonesian nationals last year. This year, Indonesian nationals can enjoy visa-free travel to 63 countries—six more than last year—putting the Indonesian passport on par with the Philippines, which had previously always outranked it.

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Group chairman of Henley & Partners Christian Kalin told Channel News Asia the need for visa-free access was greater than ever, adding, “Across the economic spectrum, individuals want to transcend the constraints imposed on them by their country of origin and access business, financial, career and lifestyle opportunities on a global scale.”

Another ranking by global financial advisory firm Arton Capital last October briefly named the Singaporean passport as the single most powerful in the world. However, a revision in December placed Germany back on top of the list, according to (afr/kes)

Most countries have maintained or improved on their ranks last year. Here are the top ten for the year:

  1. Germany: (number of countries accessible without a visa) 177
  2. Singapore: 176
  3. Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom: 175
  4. Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland: 174
  5. Ireland, Portugal, South Korea, the United States: 173
  6. Canada: 172
  7. Australia, Greece, New Zealand: 171
  8. Czech Republic, Iceland: 170
  9. Malta: 169
  10. Hungary: 168